Salaries, Benefits & Features



For current salaries and a listing of anesthesiology residency benefits, visit the GME web site.

Note: This information is subject to change without notice.

Additional Benefits

  • Meeting attendance: Beginning in the CA-1 year each resident attends at least one anesthesiology National meeting during their residency and receives $1,000 yearly towards books or meetings.
    Residents participate in a one year resident focused National Patient Safety Symposium
  • Night call: Averages every 5th night in the CA-1 year, every 6th night in the CA-2 year and every 7th night in the CA-3 year
  • Housing: Reasonable cost housing is close to the three hospitals. Most residents rent or buy apartments, condominiums or houses located within a 10-25 minute drive.
  • Transportation: A car is essential for residents to meet their transportation needs. Free parking is provided at Truman Medical Center, Saint Luke’s Hospital and Children’s Mercy.
  • Meals: Residents receive $75.00/month for meals while at Saint Luke’s
  • Lab coat allowance: Residents receive two monogrammed lab coats their first year, and one per year after that.
  • Leave of Absence Policy complies with Federal “Family Medical Leave Act.”
  • Discounted membership to UMKC/SLH Health Club.