What kind of evaluation system do you use in your department to assess resident performance?
What is the performance of your residents on the ASA/ABA In-training exam?
How well have your residents performed on their oral examinations for the American Board of Anesthesiology?
Are all residents expected to take the ASA-ABA In-Training Examination, on an annual basis, and what score is required?
Is there a minimum USMLE score for the UMKC Anesthesiology program?
Does Step 3 of the USMLE have to be completed prior to applying?
Are there preliminary positions available?
Do your residents have access to computers?
From what part of the country do you recruit most of your residents?
Do any of your residents end up in academic medicine?
What kind of library facilities do you have?
How many hours does an anesthesia resident work, on average, in your program?
What is your average resident case load?
Does the UMKC Department of Anesthesiology consider applications from persons who are not citizens of the United States?
Who employs the residents?
Is the University of Missouri-Kansas City a complete university or an extension of the University of Missouri at Columbia?
Does the University of Missouri - Kansas City have a university-owned teaching hospital?
Are the Anesthesiology faculty, University or private practice faculty?