Council on Curriculum

Clerkship Director’s Subcommittee – Members

The Clerkship Directors Subcommittee is designed to provide clerkship directors with the opportunity for direct communication with the Council on Curriculum. These meetings are held monthly with the intent to review curriculum policies, communicate changes in policy, and evaluate the experience for our faculty and students.

This subcommittee is chaired by the Vice-Chair Clinician to the Council on Curriculum and the members include Clerkship Directors and their respective coordinators.

Joseph Cernich, MD Chair, Clerkship Director Subcommittee
Council on Curriculum Vice-Chair-Clinician
Dan Margolin, M.D. Surgery – St. Luke’s Hospital, Clerkship Director
Howard Kremer, M.D. Surgery – TMC, Clerkship Director
Psychiatry, Clerkship Director
Emily Haury, M.D. Internal Medicine – TMC, Clerkship Director
Tom Sullivan, M.D. OB/GYN – TMC, Clerkship Director
Maria Dycoco, M.D. Pediatrics – CMH, Clerkship Director
Miranda Huffman, M.D.  Family Medicine – TMCL, Clerkship Director
Doug Cochran, M.D. Internal Medicine – St. Luke’s Hospital
Stephen Griffith, M.D. Family Medicine – Preceptorship, Clerkship Director
Emily Haury, M.D. Emergency Medicine – Clerkship Director