Council on Curriculum

Course Director’s Subcommittee – Members

Theodore Cole, PhD  

Chair, Course Director Subcommittee

Vice Chairperson Basic Scientist Human Structure Function IV

Stefanie Ellison, MD Associate Dean, Curriculum
Sandra Smith Course Coordinator, Curriculum
Steve Waldman, MD Medical Terminology, Course Director
Bibie Chronwall, PhD Learning Basic Medical Sciences, Course Director
Lawrence Dall, MD Fundamentals of Medical Practice, Course Director
Ed Kraemer, MD Fundamentals of Medical Practice
Darla McCarthy, PhD Biochemistry
Betty Drees, MD History of Medicine
Caroline Dawson, MD CPM I
Jennifer McBride, MD CPM II
Amgad Masoud, MD CPM II
Caroline Rinaldi, PhD Human Structure Function I
Willard Morrow, PhD, VM Human Structure Function II
Michael Wacker, PhD Human Structure Function III
Stefanie Ellison, MD (interim) Clinical Correlations, Course Director
Chris Papasian, PhD Microbiology, Course Director
Jennifer Bickel, MD Neuroscience, Course Director
Daniel Dim, MD Pathology
Paul Cuddy, PharmD Pharmacology
Stuart Munro, MD Behavioral Science
John Foxworth, PharmD

Eileen Amari-Vaught, PhD

Bill Jennings, MD

Steve Waldman, MD

Julie Banderas, PharmD

Samuel Turner, Sr., JD

Patient, Physician, Society I

Patient, Physician, Society (Ethics)

Patient, Physician, Society (Ethics)


Self-Paced Pharmacology

Hospital Team