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ACGME/UMKC Competencies

In May 2010 the Council on Curriculum undertook the task of merging the original nine UMKC competencies to be in line with the ACGME competencies. In May 2011, the Council completed a comprehensive review of the entire curriculum to map the newly adopted six UMKC competencies and learning objectives across all required courses and clerkship.

ACGME Competency Domain Revised UMKC Competency Domain
I. Interpersonal & Communication Skills I. Interpersonal & Communication Skills
II. Medical Knowledge II. Medical Knowledge Including Applications of Basic Science & Problem-Solving
III. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement III. Practice-based Learning Including Lifelong Learning & Self-Appraisal
IV. Systems-Based Practice IV. Systems-Based Practice
V. Patient Care V. Patient Care Including History & Physical, Procedures, Diagnosis, Management & Prevention
VI. Professionalism VI. Professionalism Including Cultural Competence & Ethical Decision-Making



Complete USMLE Step 1 Policy available here

CBSE schedule available here

CBSE score

  • 67 or above: Ready to sit for the USMLE Step 1 Exam
  • 62 to 66: Must retake the CBSE Exam but cleared to obtain a USMLE Step 1 window
  • 61 or below:  Must show readiness and retake the CBSE Exam

Readiness requirements for 2nd CBSE after obtaining a score of 60 or less

  • Student must complete 90-100 question per day for 14 consecutive days; in timed general question mode, with sufficient daily scores:
    • Kaplan: 65% or greater
    • Exam Master: 65% or greater
    • USMLEWorld: 60% or greater
  • Scores must be submitted weekly to Curriculum office for review.
  • After completion of 14 consecutive days, the Associate Dean for Curriculum will give clearance to sign up for a 2nd CBSE.
  • If student fails to score >67 on the CBSE after two attempts, the Associate Dean for Curriculum will determine an alternate method to show readiness for Step 1.


  • Kathy Phillips:  School of Medicine – 235-1807 , Volker – 235-8831,
    • Helps with study methods and study schedules
    • Teaches approach to questions
    • Provides resources for study material and preparation courses
  • Niloofar Shahmohammadi, Wellness Program Coordinator – 235-1862,
    • Assists with school-life balance and stress issues
    • Based here at the School of Medicine
  • Weber Ingersoll:  Counseling Center – 235-5185,
    • Teaches auto-relaxation techniques for test anxiety


USMLE Step 1

Complete USMLE Step 1 Policy available here

Obtaining a USMLE Step 1 Window

Once you have been approved to set up a Step 1 window, follow these steps:

  • Go to the NMBE website.  For licensing exams the link is You will need to have your USMLE ID, but there is also a link for first time users, or if you have forgotten it.  You will need to pay at the time of application.
  • Print out the application.
  • Bring the completed application along with a 2×2 inch color picture of yourself to Ms. Mary Pirotte.
  • Ms. Pirotte will take your application, put your picture on it, sign it and have it stamped with the school seal.
  • Ms. Pirotte will return your application to you, in your mailbox, and you will need to mail it to the NBME (the address is on the bottom of the application).
  • Once the NBME has received your application they will email Ms. Pirotte to confirm your status at the medical school.  After this is done you will be free to set up your window.
  • When you receive confirmation of your window, you will be able to contact one of the testing centers available and set up your date. (If you have not received a passing score on the CBSE, you may not set your date until a score ≥ 66 on the CBSE is achieved, or the Associate Dean for Curriculum has certified your readiness through other means.)