Council on Curriculum

Informational Updates

December and January Council On Curriculum Student Meeting Summary:

By Shiva Reddy, Raksha Madhavan, and Fatima Sharif

  • Student Clinical Supervision Policy: The purpose of the policy is to ensure faculty and residents are aware of clinical supervision requirements when supervising students. It defines the levels of supervision, and details the guidelines for faculty and residents; along with protocol for reporting procedures.
  • 4wk/8wk block system: Begins May 30th, 2017
  • Student Workload Hours Policy: an LCME accreditation element regarding students’ workload hours. It has been requested that clerkships clarify the number of hours students spend completing required learning activities:
    • OB/GYN- online research materials not required which assists students with studying. In two months, total 2 weeks of optional study hall.
    • Pediatrics- 12 hours per week including grand rounds, didactics, and simulations.
    • Emergency Medicine- students are recommended to read certain chapters in textbook.
    • Clinic- IHI modules and presentation preparation.
    • Family Medicine- 12 hours per week.
    • Docent Rotation- 8 hours per week including didactics and cases outside of regular scheduled classroom time.
Curriculum Steering Committee summary
  • ExamSoft for UMKC examinations
    1. The dental school currently administers computer examinations. Allows for faster return on grades. Support staff will be present in case of technical difficulties
  • Review of the evaluations for:  Psychiatry, Surgery, Docent Rotation 4-6, Pathology I, Medical Terminology with recommendations to those clerkship and course directors
  • Plans developed to address the results of the Independent Student Analysis: improve communication with students, work to improve Genetics, Surgery, and Psychiatry curriculum, work to improve the curriculum and opportunities in research