Council on Curriculum

Informational Updates

Council on Curriculum Student Updates


The following new course directors were appointed within the last 6 months:

  • Fundamentals of Medicine I & II: Dr. Mark Allen
  • Fundamentals of Medicine III & IV: Dr. Alison Kaye
  • Hospital Team: Dr. Nate Thomas
  • Learning Basic Medical Sciences: Dr. Mark Nichols

New Program Competencies

New competency objectives for  academic year 2019-2020 approved by Council on Curriculum in June 2018

  • Objectives will not fully be implemented until next academic year, but students may see competencies in pilot phase on course/clerkship evaluations this academic year
  • Objectives include: communication and interpersonal skills, interprofessional collaboration, medical knowledge, practice-based learning and          improvement, patient care, personal and professional development, professionalism, and systems-based practice

New Excused Absence Policy & Self-Care Day

A new provision for self-care has been added to    the policy to allow for 1 unplanned mental health, emotional stress, or personal issue absence per                  block that can be confidentially requested and approved through Dr. Brenda Rogers, Associate      Dean of Student Affairs.

Pathology I Curriculum Update

The genetics portion of the Pathology I curriculum has been restructured and will be taught by Dr. Paula Monaghan-Nichols for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Annual Council on Curriculum Retreat                    

Annual curriculum retreat was held in September 2018, a 4-hour meeting with many physicians, faculty members, administrators, etc. Many topics were discussed including:

  • Review of Year   1&2 curriculum
  • Results of 2018 Graduation Questionnaire and comparing how UMKC competencies compare to average responses at all medical schools
  • Design of Fundamentals of Medicine courses
  • UMKC’s undergraduate requirements for BA/MD courses
  • How to increase performance on courses and step exams with measures like supplemental instruction (SI) and simulation labs