Nilofer Qureshi, Ph.D.

Professor, Director - Molecular and Cellular Immunology
Department(s) of Biomedical Sciences
Section: Microbiology
UMKC School of Medicine
Education and Background

Ph.D. - Physiological Chemistry - University of Wisconsin

Meet Nilofer Qureshi
Research Focus

To develop novel therapeutic approaches to treat septic shock and inflammation.

Research Summary

We were the first to establish the complete structure of the lipid A moiety of the enterobacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), developed monophosphoryl lipid A as an effective adjuvant and Rhodobacter sphaeroides diphosphoryl lipid A as a powerful LPS antagonist in both in vitro and in vivo systems. Our recent research centers on the biology of LPS, especially, with regards to its effect on the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway (UPP) in macrophages and septic shock. We initially demonstrated that the LPS-induced cytokines are dependent on the composition of proteasome’s subunits present in the macrophages. We are working on a novel therapeutic approach for septic shock based upon proteasome inhibitors and antibiotics. We are also establishing the identity of ubiquitinated proteins in the LPS-induced signal transduction that are degraded by the proteasome in murine macrophages and human cells. Our conclusion from these studies is that the proteasome is a central regulator of macrophage function and inflammation and is involved in several diseases such as septic shock, cardiovascular problems, cancer and asthma.

Selected Publications

Qureshi N, Perera P-Y, Shen J, Zhang G, Lenschat A, Spptter G, Morrison DC, Vogel SN. The proteasome as a LPS-binding protein in macrophages: Differential effects of proteasome inhibition on LPS-induced events. J Immunol. 2003, 171:1515-1525.

Qureshi N, Vogel SN, Van Way III, Papasian C, Qureshi AA, Morrison DC. The proteasome, a central regulator of Inflammation and macrophage function. Immunologic Research 2005, 31/3:243-260.

Shen J, Reis J, Morrison DC, Papasian C, Sreekumar R, Kolbert C, Qureshi AA, Vogel SN and Qureshi N: Key Inflammatory signapng pathways are regulated by the proteasome. Shock 2006, 25:472-484.

Reis J, Guan X-Q, Kisselev AF, Papasian CJ, Qureshi AA, Morrison DC, Van Way C III, Vogel SN, and Qureshi N. LPS-induced formation of immunoproteasomes: TNF-α and nitric oxide production are regulated by altered composition of proteasome-active sites. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics (in press 2010).

Reis J, Hassan F, Guan X-Q, Shen J, Monaco JJ, Papasian CJ, Qureshi AA, Van Way C III, Vogel SN, Morrison DC, and Qureshi N. LMP Subunits of the proteasomes regulate the TRIF/TRAM pathway. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics (in press 2010).