Shui Qing Ye, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor, William R. Brown / Missouri Endowed Chair in Genetics and Molecular Medicine
Department(s) of Biomedical and Health Informatics
Section: Genetics
Children's Mercy Hospital
Education and Background

M.D. - Wuhan (China) University School of Medicine
Ph.D. - University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Meet Shui Ye
What do you do to relax from work?

I used to be an avid tennis player on the amateur level. Now for fun, I play table tennis, along with my wife. While we've never competed professionally, my wife and I are considered very good players. We once played in a tournament on a cruise ship with 4,000 people, and no one beat us. It runs in the family: my daughter played on the school table tennis team at Johns Hopkins University.

What other hobbies or outside interests do you have?

We like to travel. We've taken a cruise to a number places - Europe, Alaska, western Caribbean, The Bahamas. We'd like to do a Mediterranean tour, and there are still a lot of places we hope to go, like Australia and New Zealand. And while we cruised from Seattle along the coast line to Alaska, we'd like to go back to there for a vacation.

How did you become interested in doing research?

I graduated from medical school in China. After graduation I wanted to be a clinical doctor and treat patients directly. At that time, the leadership at the school thought I would be an excellent teacher so they assigned me to be a teacher in biochemistry at my alma mater. While I was teaching, I followed my department chair who was doing research and that's how I started doing research.

Specialties and Research/Medical Interests

Genetics, Biochemistry, Biomedical Informatics, Cell Biology, Pediatric Genetics

Research Focus

Gene sequencing for human diseases

Using gene sequencing and big data sets, Ye’s research focuses on diagnostic biomarkers and new therapeutic targets for complex human diseases.