Emergency Medicine

Alumni Letter

Dear UMKC Emergency Medicine Alumni,

Since 1973, the UMKC Emergency Medicine residency program has continued to educate and train emergency medicine physicians to provide comprehensive medical care and has fostered physician leaders in academic and community programs across this country. From this solid foundation, our current program faculty and residents continually strive to meet this high standard that has been set by our predecessors.

One of our goals as a residency program is to revitalize our alumni connections and expand our alumni network to promote the strength and continued growth of our residency program. This network will provide an avenue for our program graduates to reconnect with each other and the program through a variety of networking events, while also giving our alumni the opportunity to get involved in resident education and mentorship.

Many of you filled out our recent resident survey and below are some “updates” from residents. If you are interested in contributing an update, then please email me. Take a look at our Website or follow us on Facebook.

Thanks for reading the Newsletter and continued best wishes,

Adam Stuppy MD, Chief Resident, UMKC Truman Emergency Medicine Class of 2017
Charlie Inboriboon MD, Associate Program Director
Amy Stubbs MD, Program Director, UMKC Truman Emergency Medicine Class of 2006