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Recent Updates
  • Paul Williams (2017) has been living the dream in his hometown. Recently, he purchased a house and will be marrying Kate by the end of this year. He is working at a Mayo affiliated hospital and has recently been granted permission to do some shifts back at Truman. We are excited to have you back as an attending!
  • Bob Edmunds (2016) deployed to Afghanistan with the Air Force from October 2017 to April 2018.  In his free time he has presented on several episodes of The Skeptic’s Guide to Emergency Medicine.
  • Ted Sibley (2012) was appointed 2 new academic positions over the past year; Adjunct Assistant Professor for both the University of Minnesota and Wisconsin and Preceptor for all rotations in the ED at United Hospital in St. Paul. Also, his family has added #5 this past year to the family – Andrew Jose Sibley.
    Sibley, Andrew-Jose
  • Lance Hoffman (2001), reports that he has been practicing EM in Fremont, Nebraska at Fremont Health Medical Center for about 4 years now. His wife Heidi continues to work as an inpatient nurse on the Heart and Vascular unit at Nebraska Medicine in Omaha. Their son Alex will be starting his senior year of high school soon and is looking at undergraduate universities. He plays trombone and is one of the marching band drum majors. Their other son Conrad will be starting 8th grade and plays the saxophone. He loves watching reruns of The Office and mastering any video game he can.
  • Mark Vaughan (1999) is Medical Director of the Auburn Medical Group (Family Medicine) and serves on the Board of Sutter Independent Physicians IPA. He is also in pre-production for the completion of the first season of the medical drama web series, Madicine Woman, following the release of the two-part pilot.
  • Ralph Schutz (1987) will be retiring from clinical research/practice on August 31st of this year. With the added time, he hopes to attend (and drag along Dr. Emory) to more EM conferences at TMC (Ralph, we look forward to having you).
  • David Prickett (1981) and his wife, Vicki are moving to Lava Hot Springs, ID to be new grandparents. Congratulations!