Emergency Medicine

ED Research Studies


Sub-Investigators Study Title Funding
Adam Algren, MD Ryan Bachman, MD Validation of the Hack Impairment Index and its effect on the time to disposition of the intoxicated patient ED Grant
Emily Hillman, MD Monica Gaddis, PhD
Angellar Manguvo, PhD
Ravi Patel, MD
E-learning for the Emergency Medicine Clerkship: Can it improve NBME scores and learner satisfaction? N/A
Matthew Gratton, MD Lindsay Schwartz, DO Procedures performed by faculty in a teaching hospital: a retrospective review of an academic medical center N/A
Charles Inboriboon, MD Thomas Hindsley, MD
Monica Gaddis, PhD
Yajai Apibunyopas, MD
Gary Gaddis, MD, PhD
Post Clinical Course of Patients Meeting SIRS Criteria Who Are Treated and Released from an Emergency Department with Diagnoses Consistent with Sepsis N/A
Emily Hillman, MD Stephanie Ellison, MD
Megan Litzau, MD
Angellar Manguvo
Emergency Medicine Procedural Simulation Conference:  A High Quality Experience for the Novice to Expert Learner  SAEM grant
Charles Inboriboon, MD William Petry, MD A human factors evaluation and development of an online residency organizational resource and orientation website ED Grant
Ryan Jacobsen, MD, EMT-P Monica Gaddis, MD
Matthew Gratton, MD
Melina Keithly, MD
Megan Litzau
Outcomes of prisoners transported by EMS from jail: a retrospective review N/A
Kevin O’Rourke, MD Katie Willet, MD Whole blood vs urine with POC BHCG testing N/A
Kevin O’Rourke, MD Jeffrey Hassenflug, MD Observational Study of Two CT Outages at Truman Medical Center Emergency Department N/A
Kevin O’Rourke, MD Win-Yin Kwan, MD The accuracy of ultrasound in detecting intraperitoneal free fluid in blunt abdominal N/A
Jay Reich, MD Robert Edmonds, MD Pre-hospital provider assessment of “chest pain” chief complaints as non-cardiac events N/A
Mark Steele, MD, FACEP Amy Stubbs, MD – lead Sub-I
Adam Algren, MD
Angela Bogle, MD
Michael Christian, MD
Stefanie Ellison, MD
Steven Go, MD
Matthew Gratton, MD
Jeffrey Hackman, MD
Emily Hillman, MD
Charles Inboriboon, MD
Heather Isom, MD
Ryan Jacobsen, MD
Sajid Khan, MD
Jay Reich, MD
Srikala Subramanian, MD
Christine Sullivan, MD
Influenza Diagnosis, Treatment and Surveillance with Xpert Flu
Conducted over 2 flu seasons 2014 – 2016
University from Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)/ Within DHHS
Mark Steele, MD, FACEP Amy Stubbs, MD – lead Sub-I, et al Prevalence of Pathogens in Cerebrospinal Fluid obtained from Emergency Department Patients Emergency ID-Net
CDC supported
Mark Steele, MD, FACEP Amy Stubbs, MD Clinical evaluation of a Flu/RSV CLIA Waived assay using GeneXpert® Xpress Cepheid
Mark Steele, MD, FACEP Amy Stubbs, MD A multicenter observational study to compare assay results on blood cultures Abbott Molecular
Ibis Biosciences
Mark Steele, MD, FACEP Douglas Geehan, MD
Matthew Gratton, MD
Amy Stubbs, MD
Smoking Intervention with trauma and patients in the emergency department MetroHealth Medical Center supporter by Pfizer Medical Education and R.W. Johnson Foundation
Amy Siebes, MSN, APRN, ANP-BC
Renee’ D. Endicott DNP, RN, FNP-BC
Osteoarthritis Physical Activity Program and Outcomes ED Grant
Amy Stubbs, MD Adam Stuppy, MD Comparison of patient comfort and need for pain medicine when using loop drainage vs. traditional incision and drainage (I & D) for simple abscess N/A
Emily Hillman, MD, Charlie Inboriboon, MD Jennifer Quaintance, PhD
Brandon Elder, MD
Use of Internet and Smartphone Resources by physicians in the management of emergent patients:  A High-fidelity simulation study N/A
Emily Hillman, MD, Charlie Inboriboon, MD Elliot Fried, MD
Brian Vogt, DO
Jennifer Quaintance, PhD
Transition of Care between Paramedics and Emergency Physicians during the Care of Critically Ill Patients N/A
Charlie Inboriboon, MD Blake Buchanan, MD Utilization of an Online Curricular Website for EM Residents N/A
Charlie Inboriboon, MD Monica Gaddis, PhD Monica Gaddis, PhD N/A