Emergency Medicine

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Sub-Investigators Study Title Funding
Mark Steele, MD Amy Stubbs, MD – lead Sub-I Prevalence of Extended Spectrum β-lactamase and Carbapenemase Producing Enterobacteriaceae in Patients with Urosepsis in the United States Emergency ID-Net
CDC supported
Mark Steele, MD Amy Stubbs, MD A Pragmatic Trial Designed to Evaluate a New Critical Pathway for Treatment of Patients with Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections Allergen
Jennifer Lowry, MD A Algren, MD, M Christian, MD, L Handel, MD, S Thornton, MD “Assessment of Biomarkers in Children with Brown Recluse Spider (Loxosceles Reclusa) Envenomation”.   Amount Funded:  $50,000.  PI: Jennifer Lowry.  Co-investigators: Algren DA, Christian MR, Handel L, Thornton S. Katarine B. Richardson Foundation Award, Children’s Mercy Hospital
Melissa Miller, MD Charlie Inboriboon, MD Pregnancy and STI risk reduction tool NIH K23
Heather Gotham, MD Amy Stubbs, MD – Site Co-Investigator Screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment for alcohol/drug use (SBIRT SAMHSA-funded grant
Mark Steele, MD Amy Stubbs, MD –  Site Co-Investigator Continuation of an “Emergency Department Emerging Infections Sentinel Network” Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Olive View – UCLA Medical Center

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Mark Steele, MD Amy Stubbs, MD Clinical evaluation of the Xpert® Xpress flu/RSV assay and Xpert Xpress flu assay on the GeneXpert® Xpress System in a CLIA-waived environment Cepheid
Adam Algren, MD Ryan Bachman, MD Validation of the Hack Intoxication Index and its effect on the time to disposition of the intoxicated patient. N/A
Matthew Gratton, MD Monica Gaddis, PhD
Lindsay Schwartz, DO
Procedures performed by faculty in a teaching hospital: a retrospective review of an academic medical center N/A
P. Charles Inboriboon, MD Monica Gaddis, PhD
Lindsay Schwartz, DO
Utilization of an online educational website for emergency medicine residents N/A
Kevin O’Rourke, MD Brian Freeman, MD Treatment of allergic reactions and anaphylaxis in the emergency department. How are we doing? N/A
Amy Stubbs, MD Monica Gaddis, PhD
Emily Hillman, MD
Craig Hirsch, MD
Implementation of a multi-source feedback tool for nursing assessment of emergency medicine resident performance. N/A
Amy Stubbs, MD Monica Gaddis, PhD
Adam Stuppy, MD
Comparison of patient satisfaction and need for narcotic pain medicine when using loop drainage vs. traditional incision and drainage for abscess. N/A
Monica Gaddis, PhD Mike Weaver, MD, William Beeler, MD Utility of Transgender Sensitivity Training in Medical Care Providers and Learners N/A

Charlie Inboriboon, MD

Emily Hillman, MD

Brandon Elder, MD Emergency Medicine Resident and Medical Student Technology Use During the Care of Critical Patients: A High Fidelity Simulation Study N/A
Kevin O’Rourke, MD Brian Freeman, MD, Monica Gaddis, PhD Treatment of Allergy and Anaphylaxis N/A
Amy Stubbs, MD Adam Stuppy, MD, Monica Gaddis, PhD Comparison of Patient Satisfaction and Need for Narcotic Pain Medicine When Using Loop Drainage vs. Traditional Incision and Drainage for Abscess N/A