Emergency Medicine


How do I apply?
Can I get an interview?
How do I get an interview?
What happens on interview day?
Is the program accredited?
How old is the residency?
Do you give preference to applicants from your own medical school?
Do you give preference to applicants from a certain geographical area?
Do you take applicants outside the Match?
Should I do an externship at your hospital to improve my chances of matching?
May I drop by your ED for an unscheduled tour?
May I speak to the Residency Director over the phone about my file?
Should I e-mail the residency director to inquire about my application?
On the evening before my interview, may I observe for a few hours in your ED?
Do you accept foreign medical graduates?
Do you accept applicants who have had postgraduate training?
Where do your residents go when they graduate?
What are the resident benefits?
What rotations do the residents do?