Emergency Medicine


[accordions title=”” disabled=”false” active=”false” collapsible=”true”] [accordion title=”How do I apply?”] Our residency program uses the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) system for residency applications. See the AAMC handout on ERAS for more information or contact your medical school’s dean’s office for information about ERAS.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Can I get an interview?”] Interviews are by invitation and generally conducted from early November through the end of January.[/accordion] [accordion title=”How do I get an interview?”] Your application, USMLE scores, Dean’s letter, three letters of reference, and your medical school transcript must be submitted via ERAS before a decision regarding an interview can be made. Applicants will be notified via e-mail of interview decisions.[/accordion] [accordion title=”What happens on interview day?”] On your interview day you will tour our facility, have interviews with faculty and residents, eat lunch with several residents and have the opportunity to talk with emergency medicine residents and faculty/staff. You will be interviewed by the Program Director, either the Associate or Assistant Program Director, and one of our Chief Residents. You are encouraged to meet some of our current residents at dinner the night before.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Is the program accredited?”] Yes, the program has been fully accredited since emergency medicine residency programs were first reviewed and accredited. Our last site survey by the Residency Review Committee (RRC-EM) was in early 2005. We received full 8 year reaccreditation (as part of a pilot program of top EM programs as opposed to the “gold standard” of 5 year accreditation). A scheduled site survey is expected in 2016-17.[/accordion] [accordion title=”How old is the residency?”] The residency program started in 1973. The first class graduated in 1975.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you give preference to applicants from your own medical school?”] No.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you give preference to applicants from a certain geographical area?”] No.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you take applicants outside the Match?”] No. You must apply through ERAS.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Should I do an externship at your hospital to improve my chances of matching?”] This is not necessary. We are able to accommodate a limited number of externs each year, so it’s certainly not required to do an externship here in order to match here. However, we do encourage you to consider an externship if you’d like to get more familiar with the program.[/accordion] [accordion title=”May I drop by your ED for an unscheduled tour?”] No. You may call or email the Education Coordinator to arrange a short tour during normal working hours.[/accordion] [accordion title=”May I speak to the Residency Director over the phone about my file?”] No, only during your scheduled interview.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Should I e-mail the residency director to inquire about my application?”] No.[/accordion] [accordion title=”On the evening before my interview, may I observe for a few hours in your ED?”] No. During your interview day, you will spend some time in our ED observing the flow. If this is not adequate, you may ask permission to stay after the formal interview session. Permission may or may not be granted, depending on the specific physician in charge during that shift.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you accept foreign medical graduates?”] All applications submitted through ERAS are considered.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you accept applicants who have had postgraduate training?”] Yes. All applicants must submit applications through ERAS and will be considered with the entire applicant pool. We do not accept applicants outside of the Match.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Where do your residents go when they graduate?”] About 8% of our graduates stay in academics. The remainder enters clinical practice. Among our graduates are editors of major journals, residency directors, chairpersons, and medical school deans.[/accordion] [accordion title=”What are the resident benefits?”] Please see the current resident benefits page.[/accordion] [accordion title=”What rotations do the residents do?”] Please see the curriculum page.[/accordion] [/accordions]