Emergency Medicine


The residency program provides a robust ultrasound experience for every resident. You will have a dedicated two week ultrasound rotation during your intern year to get immersed in the basics of emergency ultrasound. The rotation is led by expert faculty and will also include teaching by ultrasound technicians and the PICC team. More importantly, you will continue to utilize and practice ultrasound throughout the course of your residency and upon completion of your residency will feel comfortable with and know how to incorporate point of care ultrasound in your daily clinical practice.

The department has two cart-based point of care ultrasound machines to allow for residents and faculty to regularly perform exams. Throughout your residency you will become proficient at all eleven of the ACEP recommended imaging modalities and have experience with advanced ultrasound applications as well.

The ultrasound faculty are fellowship trained. The majority of faculty is credentialed to perform point of care ultrasound by the institution which enables our ED physicians to make critical clinical decisions based on their own exams.