Resident/Fellow Research

In the UMKC Department of Community and Family Medicine one of our program goals is to promote scholarly work for our residents, fellows and faculty. Before graduation our residents are required to do a research project, prepare a poster presentation and participate in Research Day in the spring. It is also strongly encouraged to present these projects in other venues and publish scholarly work whenever possible.

Below you will find each year’s poster presentations of our graduating residents. Click on the Research Day header to review the PDF booklet of posters presented during Research Day that year.


Research Day 2018


Jennifer Cabral, MD; Bhavishya Narotam, DO; Gretchen Stokes, MD
Retrospective Analysis of Benefits of Ultrasound Use During Uterine Aspiration

Lauren Carpenter, MD, MDiv
Changing Resident Workflow: Chronic Pain and Depression

Ashley Hall, DO; Adam Legg, DO
Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes Using My Habit Book

Caroline Martin, DO; Cassandra From, DO;
Will Physician Encouragement Regarding Elimination of Soft Drinks & Healthy Lifestyle
for 2 Months Decrease A1c Levels?

Aaron Neisen, DO, MBA; Andrew Wherley, MD; LiYan Lan, DO, MBA; Steven Taki, MD
Error Rate in Electronic Medical Record Data in Employees of a Community Hospital

Huong Nguyen, DO, MS; Chelsie Cain, DO; Holly Perkins, MD
Building Teamwork and Leadership Skills Through Resident Retreat

Jessica Richter, DO, MPH
The Prevalence and Outcomes of Birth Tourism at TMC Lakewood

Ryan Stokes, MD
Smartphone Games and Depression


Research Day 2017


Hailey Avila, DO; Jayme Decker, DO, MS; Maaroof Islam, MD;
Kevin Munger, DO, MS
Teaching OMT to MDs

Neil Bryan, MD
Extended Effectiveness of Paraspinous Bupivacaine Injections

Kevin Gray, MD; Michael Moreland, DO; Chadwick Byle, MD
Normal Variant EKGs in Athletes

Emily Grewe-Nelson, DO
Building Teamwork and Leadership Skills Through Resident Retreat

Christine Lilly, DO, MS
Integrative Medicine Approach to Reduce Resident Burnout

Nicholas Miller, DO; Jacob Shepherd, MD; Whitney Trusty, MD;
Noushin Ansari, MD
Prospective Quality Improvement Study Comparing Usage of Apollo Sepsis App Verses Traditional Identification Method in Identifying Sepsis

Colleen Quinn, MD
Decreasing Maternal Morbidity & Mortality from Postpartum Hemorrhage

Rachel Seymour, MD, MSc; Cierra Johnson, MD, MS
Using a Simulated Patient Case to Improve Medical Students’ Skill at Providing Integrative Medical Therapies

Aniesa Slack, MD
Oral vs. Vaginal Misoprostol in Uncomplicated Inductions of Labor


Research Day 2016


Misty Bowen, DO and Christine Lily, DO;
Integrative Medicine Approach to Reduce Resident Burnout

Jayme Decker, DO; Gillian Housman, DO; Caitlyn Nguyen, MD
Will Physician Encouragement Regarding Elimination of Softdrinks for 3 Months Decrease A1c Levels?

Kristin Duncan, MD and Christopher Gifford, DO
Is Epidural Anesthesia Associated with Genital Tract Trauma?

James Kirkpatrick, MD, PhD and Jen Santee, PharmD
Patient Satisfaction with Pain Management Programs

Christine Luke, DO
Does CMS Transition of Care Codes with Financial Incentives & Penalties Decrease Readmission Rates

Cory Offutt, MD; Shawn Wadsworth, DO; Aniesa Slack,MD
Oral vs Vaginal Misoprostol in Uncomplicated Inductions of Labor

Jason Arribas, DO and James B Smith, DO, MBA
Depression Screening in a Socioeconomic Disparate Population at a Community Family Medicine Center

Doyle Witt, MD
Paracentesis Workshop Efficacy in Resident Training Programs