Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research


What if I begin the certificate program and then decide I want to apply to the Master of Science in Bioinformatics program for the clinical research emphasis area?

Since the Graduate Certificate Program includes the core courses required to complete the full master degree, Certificate Program graduates will be offered the option of applying to the full masters program. If accepted, they will be able to use the 15 credits of course towards fulfilling the credit requirements for the full degree (36 credits).

Can I audit the courses or just take one or two courses instead of the complete certificate curriculum?
Students must register and pay tuition through the UMKC registration system in order to attend the courses offered by the Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics. Individuals may complete single courses for credit. In the event the individual later decides to apply to the graduate certificate program, only credits from these specific courses may be applied to the certificate requirements.

Do I have to take all 5 courses?
Yes, each course provides an essential element toward completion of the certificate; thus all five courses are needed to obtain the graduate certificate.

Can I substitute some of my clinical experience or other courses for some of the required courses?
If a student has completed a similar course from an alternative Clinical Research program they may petition to have the course accepted as a substitute for a UMKC requirement. However, adequate documentation from the course will be needed in order to assess its equivalency with the UMKC required course; only courses deemed equivalent will be accepted. Clinical experience will not be substituted for curriculum course requirements.