Global Health Program

guatamalaWelcome to the Global Health Program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. An global health elective provides you the opportunity to expand your understanding of health care and to add an international dimension to your medical experience. Further, learning about patient cultures and traditions while in a foreign country may significantly influence your career and the choices you make in the future.

Unlike customary procedures to set up or take clinical electives, all International Clinical Electives are processed through the Global Health Program.

The Global Health Program, in conjunction with the International Academic Programs Office on Volker campus, will lend its support in our students’ efforts to explore study abroad opportunities. The program will also entertain requests from students enrolled in foreign medical schools who are looking for clerkship opportunities at our School of Medicine.

Faculty members who are interested in planning, coordinating and directing a course overseas for our medical students will receive help, guidance and support from our office. Faculty are requested to contact the Global Health Program so we can be part of your endeavor to help prepare our students to lead the medical profession in dealing with the trends and the challenges in global health care.

PLEASE NOTE: UMKC only accepts visiting international students from our three affiliated international institutions:

  • Harbin Medical University – Harbin, China
  • Medical University of Graz – Graz, Austria
  • Instituto Tecnológico Y De Estudios Superiores de Monterrey – Monterrey, Mexico

- Incoming students from Harbin University, Graz Universtiy and Monterrey Tech should contact:

(UMKC does not accept students from institutions outside the U.S. except from these institutions).

- UMKC-SOM students traveling abroad should contact:

Cassie Shaffer Johnson
International Coordinator
UMKC School of Medicine
2411 Holmes Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64108-2792

Phone: (816) 235-1921
Fax: (816) 235-5593