Graduate Medical Education

GME Council Members 2018-2019


 Member  Role Membership  Term Expires
(June 30th)
Christine Sullivan, MD DIO and Chair  Appointed
Diana Dark, MD Vice Chair Appointed
Sara Gardner, MD Asst. Dean – GME Appointed
Eve Robb Medlock, MA Director – GME (non-voting) Appointed
Jeffrey Hackman, MD Medical Director Quality-TMC Appointed
Joann Paul, RN, MSN Medical Director Quality-SLH Appointed
Don Barnett, MD Deputy Chief of Staff KCVA Appointed
Denise Bratcher, DO DIO CMH Appointed
Doug Cochran, M.D. Internal Medicine – SLH Appointed
Matthew Gratton, MD – TMC Assoc. Chief Medical Officer – TMC Appointed
Mahesh Patel, MD APD Psychiatry Appointed
Olevia M. Pitts, MD, SFHM Chief Medical Officer – RMC Elected
Amanda Augustine, MD Housestaff  V President Elected 2019
Maddy Lauer, MD Housestaff President Elected 2019
Kelli Andresen, MD – Radiology PD Diagnostic Radiology Elected 2019
Margaret Gibson, MD PD CFM – Sports Medicine Elected 2019
David Juang, MD PD Peds Surgical CC Elected 2019
Bini Moorthly, MD APD Psychiatry Elected 2019
Glenn Talboy, MD PD Surgery Elected 2019
Paul Dowling, MD PD Allergy Immunology Elected 2020
Joan Giovanni, MD PD Peds EM Appointed 2020
Beth Rosemergey PD CFM Elected 2020
Amy Stubbs, MD PD Emergency Medicine Elected 2020
Jonathan Dubin, MD APD Ortho Surgery Elected 2021
Jackie Kitchen, MD PD Med/Peds Elected 2021
Andrew Schlachter, MD Faculty Critical Care Elected 2021
Gary Sutkin, MD PD OB/GYN Elected 2021