Medicine / Pediatrics

Salary & Benefits

Salary* Vacation** Conference
PG-1 $53,065.50 3 weeks 0
PG-2 $55,002.48 3 weeks 7 days
PG-3 $56,795.64 3 weeks 7 days
PG-4 $58,907.04 3 weeks 7 days

* MedPeds residents receive an additional $1800 per year for Pediatrics stipend which is not reflected in this total.

** 1 extra week of vacation during Christmas or New Years while on Peds

Meal Allowance
  • Meal money is provided at all three hospitals. Lunch is also provided for many afternoon conferences.
  • Free covered parking at all Hospitals
Meeting Time
  • 7 days per year in PGY-2 – PGY-4 years paid leave to attend conferences
Uniform Allowance
  • Monogrammed white coats and scrubs to start intern year, one monogrammed white coat in consecutive years.
Educational Resources Funds
  • $1000 /year during years 2-4 from UMKC GME
  • $1000 total to be used over your 4 years from Children’s Mercy GME
    International Elective Aid while at CMH of $1000.00 if elective it taken during a call free month
Presentation Fund
  • Research Presentation funds of $500.00 are available once per academic year for residents to travel to present research.
  • USMLE III and Comlex Level III paid by UMKC if application submitted after employment and taken during PGY 1 year of training.
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