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PGY3- Class of 2020

Med Peds PGY 3's 2018
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Nicholas Gier

nicholas_GierMedical School: University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Career aspirations: Not sure yet!
Hobbies:  I like to play soccer, go for runs, do trivia nights with fellow residents, and relax around a grill with friends when the weather is great in the summer.
Why did you choose UMKC?: I choose UMKC because of the city, the residents I was fortunate enough to work with as a medical student, the med/peds attendings, and the wide variety of cases I will be able to see across Children’s Mercy, St. Luke’s, and Truman Medical Center.
What do you like to do in Kansas City?:
There is plenty to do in Kansas City! Areas like Westport, Power & Light, or the Plaza give a myriad of places to meet friends for happy hour. There are plenty of museums such as the Nelson-Atkins to see art and history. Right now I’m trying to find BBQ that can top Joe’s Kansas City.
What inspires you:
My attendings and fellow residents are so passionate about their patients, it drives me to always give the best care I can.
Where do you live in Kansas City?:
Near the Brookside area

Jon Kendall


Medical School: Texas A&M University Health Science Center
Hometown: Salado, TX
Career aspirations: Still undecided.  I really like everything.  PICU or Med-Peds Hospitalist definitely are high on my list though.
Hobbies: Reading, running, guitar, hanging out with friends
Why did you choose UMKC?: I The people. Residency can be fun if everyone works towards a shared goal to help the patients. Residents/staff who are friendly, honest, humorous, and team-players are definitely the people I imagined working with and have found that here.
What do you like to do in Kansas City?: Q39 Barbecue (almost as good as Texas!), Nelson-Atkin Museum, West Bottoms, River Market farmer’s market, free live music on First Fridays, and lots of parks and green space for running!
What inspires you: Awesome guitar solos. Also people who are motivated and passionate about what they do.
Where do you live in Kansas City?: Apartment in Midtown (very close to the hospitals!)

Andre Koop

Andre KoopMedical School University of Kansas – Kansas City
Newton, KS 
Career aspirations:
Unsure, possibly Med/Peds Hospitalist 
Watching a good TV series or movie, exercising/playing sports, traveling
Why did you choose UMKC?:
 I enjoyed my interview day with the faculty and residents. Also, I was impressed by the strong leadership and well established program that provides excellent training in both Medicine and Pediatrics.
What do you like to do in Kansas City? 
KC Royals games, jogging around the city, eating out at local restaurants
What inspires you:
Being with people who are motivated and dedicated to improving themselves and those around them.
Where do you live in Kansas City?: 
Rosedale neighborhood

Olivia Kwan

Olivia_pupMedical School: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Hometown: Potosi, Missouri
Career aspirations: I am undecided but interested in Academic medicine or primary care in a rural setting.
Hobbies: Playing with my two dogs! I have a husky named Banjo and a border collie mix named Ichi. I also enjoy reading, and video games.
Why did you choose UMKC?: I love the MedPeds faculty and residents we have at UMKC. I was able to work with the majority of them in medical school and felt that the residents were not only well trained but really are a family. Plus the faculty is amazingly supportive. UMKC offers a wide variety of experiences and patient populations. Working with underserved patient populations is important to me as I find it very rewarding.
What do you like to do in Kansas City?: I love walking my dogs at the park or playing Frisbee at the dog parks. Also there are lots of great restaurants plus an awesome Alamo Drafthouse movie theater.
What inspires you: The attendings I’ve worked with who give excellent medical care with extraordinary compassion. Also, the Pokemon theme song.
Where do you live in Kansas City?:Northland

Joanne Loethen

Medical School: Michigan State University
Hometown: St. Thomas, MO (a small town just South of Jefferson City)
Career aspirations: Med-Peds outpatient primary care integrated with academic, advocacy, and administrative opportunities.
How I spend my time: Exercise, tennis, reading, travel, anything outdoors, being with my nieces and nephews.
Why did you choose Med/Peds and UMKC? Med-Peds is the crux of medicine for all ages. Not only is the training outstanding, but you get to see the broadest variety of medicine throughout the lifespan. I enjoy the continuity, transitional care, and challenge that comes with it all. Why UMKC? Simply put…the people. I was already leaning toward UMKC in order to get back closer to family, but after my interview, I was sold on UMKC. From the top down, everyone was fantastic, down-to-earth, genuine, and overall enjoyable to be around. After the interview, I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.
What do you like to do in Kansas City? Kansas City has countless opportunities for live music, new restaurants, sports, festivals, and everything in between – I enjoy it all. Anything outdoors is always a winner too – running in Loose Park, biking the Trolley Trail, watching the Royals play at the K.
What inspires you: My faith and family – particularly my parents. Their humility, work ethic, and authenticity are second to none.
Where do you live in Kansas? West Plaza


Micah Warren

Medical School: University of Oklahoma
Hometown- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Career aspirations: Locum Tenens, Underserved Medicine, International Health
Hobbies: Baking, cooking, running, coffee shopping, reading, and traveling with friends and family
Why did you choose UMKC? I loved the people on my interview day. Everyone was so welcoming to me and my mom (I brought her with me to the dinner). It is a group of people who are like minded and hard working but also very friendly. It has been a good environment to learn but also to form friendships.
What do you like to do in Kansas City? I like to explore with friends, First Fridays (lots of monthly things going on), Farmer’s Market, slowly working my way through my list of restaurants to try, and I am always up for chatting with a friend at a coffee shop. ( I repeat , ALWAYS)
What inspires you? My faith in Jesus has been crucial in getting me through all the ups and downs of medicine. My friends and family have been so inspirational and encouraging as well.
Where do you live in KC? Hyde Park- in the middle of the city and less than 10 minutes to hospitals, surrounded by parks and trails.