Medicine / Pediatrics

PGY4 – Class of 2017

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Aunya Cameron
aunya-cameronMedical School: University of Kansas
Hometown: Hutchinson, KS
Career aspirations: Practice full scope Med-Peds in a rural area
Hobbies: Spending time with family, photography, cooking
Family: Brandon Cameron (husband) – teacher & assistant basketball coach at Blue Valley North; Dune (son)
Why did you choose Med-Peds: There’s not a part of medicine I’m willing to give up (except OB/GYN)
Why did you choose UMKC: Loved the program, loved the program director, was impressed by how personable and well-rounded the residents were
What do you like to do in Kansas City: Eat BBQ, try new restaurants, go to the city market
Favorites (food, color, music, etc): Food: corn on the cob from Kansas State Fair, Musician: Marvin Gaye
What inspires you: My faith
Where do you live in Kansas City: Prairie Village, KS
Jane Duong
DuongMedical School: Indiana University
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Career aspirations: I like a lot of things, that’s why I’m Med-Peds! I do have an interest in Global Health.
Hobbies: Eating (no really! I’m a foodie!), traveling, reading, couponing
Family: Fiance – Sean Curtis (Peds resident)
Why did you choose Med-Peds: I love both Medicine and Peds, and Med-Peds doctors are awesome people! I love the concept of being able to treat everyone
Why did you choose UMKC: The residents seemed like amazing people who were great at what they do and who really support each other and have fun.
What do you like to do in Kansas City: Eat great barbecue! Drive without a lot of traffic! (We’ve only been here a week and a half but this city seems awesome! Can’t wait to explore!)
Favorites (food, color, music, etc): Color: blue, Food: steak, pasta, sushi, smoothies
What inspires you: Acts of human kindness and people who aren’t afraid to pursue their dreams
Where do you live in Kansas City: Fairway, KS
Ramy Sayed
ramy_sayedMedical School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Career aspirations: combined internal medicine/pediatric inpatient and outpatient
Hobbies: Racquetball, volleyball, drawing, watching the Big Bang Theory
Family: My beautiful wife Samar, my son Yousef (18 mo) and daughter Jessie (8mo)
Why did you choose Med-Peds: Because I want to be prepared for any situation or manage any patient from birth to death.
Why did you choose UMKC: Because I had a wonderful experience during interview. I trust the work and the effort everybody in the med/peds department provide to ensure that the med/peds residents are well represented and protected. I had this feeling when I was on the interview trail and it lingered with me until ranking time. From program director and chief residents to program coordinator, I felt that there was a common goal which is achieved with complete professionalism
What do you like to do in Kansas City: I enjoy taking the family out to eat (mostly Mexican restaurants) walking in the plaza, etc.
Favorites (food, color, music, etc): Food: Egyptian; color: brown; music: I listen to all kind of music (Arabic, Country, Hip-Hop, Indian, etc.)
What inspires you: The amount of thought and dedication it takes to diagnose rare conditions. Medicine to me is an art and not all of it is in books. A physician should TREAT patients in the morning and LEARN about the patients at night because the extra moment of thought can eventually help uncover a diagnosis that is uncommon but easily treatable.
Where do you live in Kansas City: North Kansas City by World of FUN
Jeremy Jennings

jeremy_jenningsMedical School:
University of North Texas Health Science Center
Hometown: North Logan, Utah
Career aspirations: Healthcare policy, administration, clinical practice
Hobbies: Spending time with family, camping, hiking, being outdoors, traveling
Family: Heather (wife), Olivia (7), Landon (5), Amelia (3), Norah (1)
Why did you choose Med-Peds: No questions asked MedPeds is the best training available. The training is rigorous but the end result is a well rounded, skilled, knowledgeable, and very marketable provider. Not to mention that at any point in your career you can embark on a new path, no limitations, endless opportunities.
Why did you choose UMKC: Strong categorical programs, ‘it felt right’ on interview day
What do you like to do in Kansas City: I’m a family man so the parts of KC I frequent are the zoo, children’s museums, art museums, parks, etc.
Favorites (food, color, music, etc): I’ll never turn down food. Definitely lean towards Mexican food.
Where do you live in Kansas City: North Kansas City near Liberty, MO
Danny Lambrecht
lambrecht_dannyMedical School: Creighton
Hometown: Sterling, CO
Career aspirations: Outpatient and inpatient practice in a small town
Hobbies: Video games, watching Denver Broncos – keep that on the DL in KC 🙂
Family: Kamie, my wife is a nurse at Children’s Mercy and daughter Evalynn, who is about to turn 1
Why did you choose Med-Peds: Broad scope, patient interaction
Why did you choose UMKC: The only interview where I didn’t feel like I was on an interview… I could be myself and felt welcomed by all. I could tell all the residents and staff cared about each other and were eager to help each other. Program offers diversity of patient population and unique Med-Peds clinic with lots of patient resources on site.
Favorites (food, color, music, etc): TV show: Arrested Development, Movie: Jurassic Park, Music: Queen, Food: wife’s chicken quesadilla
What inspires you:Trying to make my family proud
Where do you live in Kansas City: Liberty, MO
Jamesia Durden
DurdenMedical School: Meharry Medical College
Hometown: Decatur, GA
Career aspirations: My dream job is to practice combined inpatient and outpatient Med-Peds
Hobbies: Hot yoga, softball, running, playing with my puppy Britley
Family: Single. One dog baby named Britley. Mom, dad, brother and grandmother are all in Georgia
Why did you choose Med-Peds: I have a passion and fell in love with both. It gives me the flexibility to give our little ones a jump start in life while not forgetting our older generations
Why did you choose UMKC: It was a pleasant surprise for a Southern Belle. I didn’t have to sacrifice choosing a strong IM or Peds program. This place has the best of both worlds with awesome people.
What do you like to do in Kansas City: Run, the Plaza, Jack Stack BBQ, go to local dog park
Favorites (food, color, music, etc): Food: seafood and Italian, music: I love live jazz which KC has a lot of!
What inspires you: The fact that I have the humble opportunity to use my life to improve the lives of so many people.
Where do you live in Kansas City: Downtown KC in the Quality Hill district