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Bhavisha Bhakta, D.O.

Medical School:
University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Bio: I was born in Zambia, then moved to America when I was 9 years old! I had always lived in Texas for all of grade school, college, and medical school, then did a sub-I at UMKC and absolutely loved it! I love that we are a big program and rotate at multiple hospitals, and my co-workers are people I enjoy spending time with. There are some great people living in Kansas City, I even decided to keep one for myself.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? It’s a big city with that small city feel, which is the best. Also, as a vegetarian, there are still definitely great spots to each so don’t be deterred by only the barbeque hype, there’s so much more!!
What are your plans for after residency? I plan to join a private OB/Gyn practice after graduation, location still to be decided. Now that I’ve experienced life outside of Texas, maybe I’ll go explore.some more.

John Cooper, M.D.

Medical School: 
Saba University School of MedicineCooper, John
Bio: I am Canadian. I completed a BMSc in Pathology & Toxicology followed by a MSc in Microbiology & Immunolocgy at Western University in London, ON. I completed my MD at Saba University in the Caribbean. I rotated at Saint Luke’s Hospital in OBGYN and decided to pursue my residency here. My favorite activity is swimming with my daughter. Any water will do, she loves our apartment pool, water parks, splash pads, and the cold waters of Georgian Bay, ON. I am SCUBA certified and I enjoy a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports and activities. My favorite part of the program is the people; we have great residents, staff, colleagues, students, and ancillary staff. I have had a great 3 years and am ready for a great Chief year.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? It’s the perfect size; great restaurants, activities, venues, apartments/housing, and awesome sports teams.
What are your plans for after residency? I will be working as a generalist.

Tobias Limperg, M.D.

Medical School: 
Universiteit Utrecht Faculteit Geneeskunde
Bio: My name is Tobias Limperg, I’m the Dutch guy of the crew. I grew up in the Netherlands, and went to medical school at Utrecht University. After medical school, I completed a residency program in International Health & Tropical Medicine, which included a year of Surgery and a year of OBGYN training. With that knowledge under my belt I went to Ethiopia with my Arkansan wife Betsy, where we spent a total of 9 months in a rural hospital, called Gambo Hospital. I was in charge of the OBGYN department, which was quite the experience. After this very rewarding and educational adventure we travelled across the pond to settle in Kansas City, Missouri, of all places! The solid training, great colleagues all around, and the incredibly diverse and interesting patient population have made me not regret this move for a second. And I love that I can bike to work, obviously. On top of that, Kansas City has a lot to offer, ranging from First Fridays to Boulevardia, and from Sporting KC (football, or what some might refer to as soccer) to the Nelson-Atkins Museum. And there is plenty more to explore in Kansas City!
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? The Boulevard Drive-in!
What are your plans for after residency? Minimally invasive gynecological surgery fellowship

Michele Markey, M.D.

Medical School: 
University of Kansas School of Medicine
Bio: I’m a native to Kansas city and love it so much I haven’t left yet! I went to KU for undergrad and medical school. I couples matched with my fiance Luke who is a general surgery resident. We are both happy we’ve been able to stay in Kansas City for our residency! There are so many things to do here and cost of living is cheap so we actually have money to do those things! Our favorite part of residency is all the wonderful people we work with. We have made so many good friends (including 4 bridesmaids) and wouldn’t change it for anything! We are both hoping for fellowships and have found a lot of support through our programs. I hope applicants to our program can see how well we all get along. It is truly like a big family so no matter where you are from, you feel at home.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? Good people. Good food.
What are your plans for after residency? Gyn/Onc fellowship.

Monica Neugebauer, M.D.

Medical School: 
University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Bio: Hi, my name is Monica. I am originally from Albuquerque, NM. I’m a huge fan of the Southwest, but Kansas City has stolen my heart! I attended undergrad at UNM with a degree in Biochemistry. I attended medical school at UNM as well. My family is the most important part of my life, and I am lucky enough to visit often…even in residency. In my spare time I enjoy all outdoor activities, especially running, golfing, volleyball, and spending summer days at the lake. I have the two cutest kitties, Sammie & Jada…they are my children. Fun fact, I was on the show The Price is Right. This residency program is very special, and I will forever be grateful for the lifelong friendships I’ve made with my fellow residents.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? This place is a true hidden gem. There is something here for everyone!
What are your plans for after residency? I am planning on joining a private practice after residency.

Fatima Shekani, M.D.

Medical School: 
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine
Bio: I was born in Springfield, IL and raised in St Louis, MO. I came to Kansas City for the six-year medical school program and then stayed for residency. Kansas City has been a wonderful place to grow and learn. My decision to pursue OB/GYN was heavily influenced by my time volunteering at a midwifery school in Karachi, Pakistan and by my OB/GYN clerkship here at UMKC. I was blessed to stay at UMKC for residency. The OB/GYN program notably has staff and residents who care about your training and care about you. We are a family and my fellow residents are always there to support each other. In my spare time I enjoy filling myself up with pastries and ice cream, catching up with friends and family, and watching Netflix. Being an aunt is my favorite thing in life thus far.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? Kansas City has something for everyone.
What are your plans for after residency? I plan to continue as a generalist.

Rebecca Ward, D.O.

Medical School: 
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine
Bio: Hi there!! I’m Becca Ward. Im originally from a small town in southern Illinois where I graduated from Southern Illinois University with a bachelors in Biology before moving to KC for medical school. I attended Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and fell in love with the down-to-earth, easy going charm of Kansas City and decided to stay! Several things you should know about me: #1 I have a lot of energy and Im usually drinking Mountain Dew, #2 I have an intense love for all things Harry Potter and yes I am a Gryffindor and my wand is birchwood with a phoenix feather core, #3 I LOVE being active and physically fit so Im am always trying to drag people along on adventures and to the gym, #4 the most important things in my life are my husband and 2 fur babies Nalah and James P. Sullivan (aka Sully)…….I may also be a disney fan. So why did I choose UMKC? I rotated several places and the truth is you CAN NOT beat the people here. We are not only co-workers but truely best friends. We always have each others backs and the faculty is always available for support. We see very complex patients and have many different faculty from different programs which allows us a vast exposure to varous OB, GYN and surgical skills. Long story short, if you are looking for a great city, great food, life long friends and excellent training then this might be the place for you!
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City? There are a million things to do, see and EAT!!!
What are your plans for after residency? I plan to join a private practice.

Emily Williams, M.D.

Medical School: 
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Bio: Hi there, I’m Emily. I am one of the current 3rd year residents. I am originally from Arizona. I attended ASU (like Anne!) and worked in the chemistry department for some time prior to moving to Missouri for medical school at SLU (with Max and Monica!). I chose UMKC for residency because I fell in love with the residents here and that hasn’t changed. My co-residents and particularly my classmates are some of the best people around and I love spending my free time sharing good conversations and laughs as we explore (and eat) our way through Kansas City.
What is one thing that people should know about Kansas City?
You will never be in search of something to do. If anything, you may have trouble deciding what to do on a given weekend.
What are your plans for after residency? MFM fellowship.