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Current Student Programs

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How can the Office of Diversity & Community Partnership assist students?

What does the Office of Diversity and Community Partnership mean to you? How can the Office assist you in meeting your career goals?

All students sometimes need advice and strategies to be successful in medical school. Therefore, the Office attempts to provide support, advocacy and encouragement to all students in meeting the challenges of a medical education.

  • Wellness Programs We provide support and advice for students facing personal, family or other obstacles to success, including wellness activities, and provide you with a wellness assessment and coaching plan. These resources assist student with problem solving and navigating support systems to reduce stress and improve your level of success.
  • Advocacy and Advice We are available to assist you in advocating for yourself should you encounter an academic or other difficulties. We will advise you of available resources and increase the likelihood of your success in medical school.
  • Service Learning We provide information about service learning opportunities—experiences where students can learn while making a difference in the community

We also recognize that underrepresented minorities, women and “non-traditional” students may have needs and concerns that are the same yet different from most medical students. To address these unique needs, the Office supports:

  • Mentoring and Networking The Office coordinates support, mentoring and networking opportunities for students underrepresented in medicine
  • Interest Groups Student diversity-related interest groups participate in the Diversity Council and provide feedback about how to maintain a learning environment of success for all. These groups include:
  • Support and Advice We provide advice on university and community resources that address the specific needs of underrepresented students.
Equity & Access

The UMKC School of Medicine adheres to all policies adopted and approved by the University of Missouri Board of Curators. Moreover, we are committed to fostering a positive learning environment for all. Should you, a friend, or colleague have a concern about the learning or work environment, there are resources available to assist you: