Office of Research Administration

Grant Proposals

Requesting “PeopleSoft pages” is the first step in UMKC’s grant application process—and it’s a requirement for every new or transferring proposal. (PeopleSoft is the university tool to manage and track your research and service projects throughout the life of a grant—from application to closeout.).

The Office of Research Administration creates PeopleSoft pages for all School of Medicine faculty. To request PeopleSoft pages, send the following items to ORASOM no later than seven full business days prior to proposal deadline:

  1. PeopleSoft Questionnaire
  2. Abstract (draft is acceptable)
  3. Link to or copy of Request for Proposal (RFP)
  4. Detailed budget (NIH budget template suggested)
    1. Additional information on creating a budget.
    2. “Proof” of limited or absent indirect rate by sponsor if full UMKC Rates are not allowed (email, website, RFP)
  5. Copy of any forms that require Institutional Official signature
  6. Subcontract Documents, if UMKC is prime
  7. UMKC Investigator Form
  8. Any Letters of Support in collaboration of the proposal. This is particularly important for any In-Kind (cost-share) required by a sponsor and for cost-share provided by the institution or project sites – e.g., TMC, SOM Dept., etc.
  9. Other requirements that must be completed prior to proposal submission:
    1. CITI Training – Conflict of Interest –  Required by all investigators identified on the UMKC Investigator Form. Training is required prior to submission of the proposal and every 4 years thereafter.

Once all items are received, PeopleSoft pages will be generated and routed for signatures from PI, co-PI, co-I, PI/I’s department chairs, School of Medicine Dean/Associate Dean for Research, and School of Medicine Fiscal Officer.

ORASOM will submit PeopleSoft pages with all signatures to the Office of Research Services (ORS) no later than five full days before proposal deadline.
Failure to comply with seven- and five-full business day policies may result in a denied proposal.

Submitting your proposal:
The Principle Investigator needs to submit their full, final application to:

Office of Research Services at no later than two full business days prior to the deadline. ORS will review, approve, and submit the application directly or give the PI approval to submit.

The PI will also need to submit a copy of the proposal to the Office of Research Administration at after or at the same time as ORS submission. Copies are kept to improve Post-Award management; failure to submit a copy of the application may hinder the processing of the PI’s next proposal.

Why is this required?

When a grant is submitted by UMKC School of Medicine faculty, the institution must approve the application’s financial details as UMKC resources, space, and people are being committed in the request. Since a grant agreement is a legal and binding contract, UMKC must ensure the grantor and institution requirements are upheld. Ample time to review the budget and other proposal documents prior to submission allows for better management of the grant after it is awarded.

Example: NIH R01 grant application due Tuesday, Sept. 20th

Submit required documents to ORA before Friday, Sept. 9.

ORA will submit signed/completed pages to ORS before Tuesday, Sept. 13 to ensure compliance with ORS five-business day deadline.

PI submits full application package to ORS ( two full business days prior to the application deadline, so in this example, Sept. 15.

Other helpful UMKC links for Pre-Award: