Department of Psychiatry




Residents participate in a monthly meeting of the residents’ association and a monthly group meeting with the program director. These meetings provide a public platform for comments, concerns, and suggestions from everyone in the residency program.

Resident progress in training is evaluated every 6 months by the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC). Individual meetings with residents are held every 6 months to review progress and encourage professional development.


PGY1 Months
Internal Medicine: medicine consult service for inpatient psychiatric units 2
Neurology: Inpatient consult service and outpatient clinic at TMC-Hospital Hill 2
Family Medicine: inpatient medicine at TMC-Lakewood 2
Chronic inpatient psychiatry at TMC 2
Acute inpatient psychiatry at TMC 4
PGY2 Months
Forensic inpatient psychiatry at CBM 4
Consult-Liason psychiatry at TMC-Hospital Hill 4
Outpatient: child/adolescent, jail, community outreach, neurodevelopmental disorders at multiple locations 2
Geriatric inpatient psychiatry at TMC-Lakewood 2
PGY3 Months
Outpatient clinics – resident clinic, community psych, psychotherapy, addiction, child/adolescent 12
PGY4* Months
Chronic inpatient psychiatry at CBM/NMPRC 1-4
Acute inpatient psychiatry at TMC 1-4
Addiction Psychiatry 2
Electives 6


Call Responsibilities
PGY1 Friday evenings and Weekend days (no Monday=Thursday calls, no overnight calls)
PGY2 Overnight calls with post-call day off, all nights covered
PGY3 Weekend day calls (no Monday-Friday calls, no overnight calls)
PGY4 Holiday calls only (no overnight calls)