Department of Psychiatry


Faculty members are encouraged to be active in scholarly activities and creative inquiry with in the field.  Trainees are required to complete a meaningful scholarly project during their four years of training. Pharmacy interns also have similar requirements during their one year of training. Interested students residents and fellows may collaborate in a meaningful way with faculty in their research. Some of the current initiatives are described below:

Clinical Trials

The Department has a longstanding collaborative relationship with the UMKC School of Pharmacy to conduct clinical trials of new and emerging psychotropic medications. The School of Pharmacy provides faculty members with research interest and expertise and the Department of Psychiatry provides access to patients and research offices. Participation in NIMH-funded clinical trials has included such frequently cited studies as the CATIE trials for treatment of psychosis and the STEP trials in mood disorders. Numerous publications have flowed from this fertile collaboration with the School of Pharmacy.

Suicide Prevention

In 2006, the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City awarded the Department of Psychiatry a three year grant to study suicide prevention. Over 600 patients have been studied and the results have been important enough to prompt the Health Care Foundation to continue funding the project for an additional two years. A training component to the grant has supported the training of a host of faculty members and community providers in suicide prevention approaches informed by the results of this study.

The Clinical Electrophysiology Laboratory (CEL)

The CEL is a clinical research, teaching and service facility with capacity to conduct research utilizing advancing technologies like electroencephalography (EEG), evoked potentials (EPs) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to study psychiatric disorders.

When fully functional (August-September 2014) the CEL will also provide the following clinical services: repetitive  TMS (rTMS) for the treatment of severe depression, clinical EEGs for the detection of medication side effects or activity suggestive of seizures, and sleep studies.

Healthy Mothering Initiative

A team of child psychiatrists in the Department collaborates with the Department of Obstetrics/ Gynecology to identify and train high risk mothers in best-practice techniques in the mothering of their infants and children. The program involves home visits by the clinician team, and provides a rich learning environment for trainees.

Prevention Institute

In 2010, the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City awarded the Department of Psychiatry a one year grant to study mental health promotion and violence prevention in schools. The Department has teamed up with an international group of experts in the field of mental health prevention to lead this initiative. A multi-disciplinary fellowship for trainees is envisioned.