Fellowships Obtained

Recent Fellowships Achieved
by UMKC Diagnostic Radiology Residents


rsna-residents-winningham,-holwerda,-kurian,-johansen,-donegan,-stowell Fellowship training has become more the norm than the exception at UMKC, as with most diagnostic radiology training programs across the country. UMKC diagnostic radiology residents are no exception, with residents going on to fellowships in a variety of subspecialties.
Since 2009, 100 percent of radiology residents have pursued fellowships with 55 percent of graduates working in a private practice and 45 percent in an academic(*) environment.
Year Fellowship Type Institution Resident
  Body Imaging Stanford University R. Chima
  Abdominal Imaging Duke University T. Kauffmann
  Abdominal Imaging Duke University J. Smith
Interventional Radiology Medical College of Wisconsin  A. Loskutov
Breast Imaging Harvard – Brigham and Women’s  N. Calisi
Pediatric radiology Cinncinatti children’s hospital  J. Wermers
Neuroradiology UMKC / Saint Luke’s Neuroscience Institute  J. Loeb
Body Imaging Mallinckrodt Institute/Washington U R. Downing
Cardiothoracic Imaging Harvard/MGH  S. Garrana
Musculoskeletal Indiana University S. Kurian
Neuroradiology UMKC / Saint Luke’s Neuroscience Institute A. Johansen
Neuroradiology UMKC / Saint Luke’s Neuroscience Institute B. Ritland
Interventional Radiology Johns Hopkins C. Davis
Pediatric Imaging Children’s Mercy Hospital P. Winningham
Abdominal Imaging University of Utah T. Finlinson
Cardiothoracic Imaging Harvard/MGH J. Stowell
Musculoskeletal University of Iowa S. Desouches
Musculoskeletal MD Anderson Cancer Center Z. Bailey
Women’s Imaging Mayo Clinic K. Adler
Musculoskeletal Michigan M. Tun
Neuroradiology Emory University R. Holwerda
Neurointerventional Radiology UMKC / Saint Luke’s Neuroscience Institute J. Halpin
Musculoskeletal Yale University A. Schrader
Interventional Radiology MD Anderson Cancer Center R. Heller
Interventional Radiology Emory University N. Desai
Musculoskeletal Mayo Clinic B. Cohen
Interventional Radiology Kansas University B. Haverkamp
Breast Imaging University of Wisconsin S. Rassman
Interventional Radiology Emory University B. Donegan
Musculoskeletal Mayo Clinic, FL M. Kater
Interventional Radiology Johns Hopkins SOM M. Towsley
Body Imaging Mallinckrodt Institute / Washington U D. Lerner
Neuroradiology UMKC / Saint Luke’s Neuroscience Institute J. Halpin
Interventional Radiology University of North Carolina C. Steeds
Thoracic Imaging UMKC / Saint Luke’s Hospital S. Gutschow
Interventional Radiology University of South Florida J. Tellier
Interventional Radiology Mallinckrodt Institute / Washington U S. Patel
Interventional Radiology Univ of Maryland F. Iloreta
Neuroradiology Univ of North Carolina K. Rentas
Breast Imaging Univ of Utah M. Saettele
Neuroradiology UMKC / Saint Lukes Neuroscience Institute J. Sessions
Musculoskeletal University of Iowa M. Veigel
Body Imaging Wake Forest University C. Daub
Cardiothoracic Univ Colorado/National Jewish J. Phelan*
Abdominal Imaging Mallinckrodt Institute/Washington U A. Jones
Neuroimaging UMKC / Saint Luke’s Hospital P. Leonard
Interventional Kansas University W. Vanlandingham*
Abdominal Imaging Johns Hopkins SOM D. Pinedo
Abdominal Imaging Mallinckrodt Institute/Washington U M. Gilbert
Body Imaging Deaconess Harvard Medical S. Jawadi*
Body/Interventional Deaconess Harvard Medical S. Abedin
Pediatric Radiology Children’s Mercy Hosp/UMKC C. Keup*
Thoracic researchy/Peds Radiol St. Luke’s & UMKC/Children’s Mercy C. Lava*
Interventional Radiology University of Alberta, Canada N. Shergill*
Thoracic/Breast Imaging MD Anderson Cancer Center, U TX D. Saldana
Breast Imaging Northwestern University R. Zinati
Body Imaging Johns Hopkins SOM N. Betesalassie*
Neurorad/Neurointerventional Univ of TX-Southwestern T. Morgan
Neuroradiology UMKC/Saint Luke’s Hospital M. Sigley
Informatics Northwestern University R. Blanch*
Thoracic Imaging UMKC / Saint Luke’s Hospital J. Prescott-Focht*
Nuclear Medicine Harvard Medical School A. Lewis
Body imaging Johns Hopkins SOM S. Reid*
Neuroimaging Univ of CA-Davis T. Phan
Breast Imaging George Washington University K. Dettloff
Pediatric Radiology UMKC / Children’s Mercy Hosp K. North*
MR Imaging Pomeranz, Cincinnati A. Verma*
Pediatric Radiology UMKC / Children’s Mercy Hosp C. Lawrence*
Women’s Imaging University of Southern CA A. Soetaert*
Neuroradiology University of Iowa A. Settler
Interventional Radiology Kansas University V. McDonald
Body Imaging University of Alabama N. Simmons
Neuroradiology University of Colorado N. Acosta*
Neuroradiology Univ of Texas Houston J. Nguyen
Pediatric Radiology Northwestern Univ/Chicago Children’s A. Johanek
Body imaging Johns Hopkins Hospital P. O’Keefe
Body imaging Univ TX-Southwestern T. Avendanio
Musculoskeletal Armed Forces Institute of Path J.Vidal*
Body Imaging Johns Hopkins SOM M. Leimkuehler*
Musculoskeletal Armed Forces Institute of Path C. Ruble(’09)*
Body Imaging Univ of Texas Southwestern J. Skiles
MR Imaging Pomeranz, Cincinnati J. Witham*
Pediatric Radiology Stanford University D. Church (’09)
Interventional Radiology MD Anderson Cancer Center, UT N. Blevins (’08)*
Pediatric Radiology Cincinnati Children’s, Univ Cincinnati M. Patel*
Body Imaging Univ of Texas -Southwestern J. Nguyen
Body Imaging Baylor University T. Truong
Pediatric Radiology Children’s Mercy Hosp, UMKC B. Cully (’08)*
Body Imaging Johns Hopkins SOM M. Bean
Neuroradiology Mallinckrodt Institute/Washington U J. Page
Interventional Radiology Univ of Utah R. Ueda