Visiting Professors

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2016 (rev 2/09/16)
May 4, 16
YooDon Yoo, MD

Associate Professor of Diagnostic Imaging at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, and Director of Nuclear Medicine, Miriam Hospital
Topics: Nuclear Medicine Boot camp and core review, Nuclear Medicine update, Recognizing and interpreting mysterious whole body nuclear medicine scans, Update on Radioiodine Ablation for Thyroid Cancer, Nuc Med Case Review for Boards

Apr 6, 16
Norm-WPNorm Beauchamp, MD

Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology, University of Washington
Topics: Professionalism, Radiology leadership, Core neuroradiology review

Mar 2, 16
d-alessio-donnaDonna D’Alessio, MD

Associate professor of Radiology, Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Institute, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center
Topics: Mammography core review; TBD; TBD

Feb 17, 16
frushDonald P. Frush, MD, FACR, FAAP

John Strohbehn Professor of Radiology, Vice Chair of Quality, Safety, and Strategic Vision, Professor of Pediatrics, Duke University Medical Center.
Topics: Imaging pediatric renal masses; Imaging evaluation of congenital lung abnormalities in children; Pediatric radiation risk and reason.

Feb 4, 16
portraitFillerPaul Jaffray, MD

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology, Keck School, University of Southern California
Topics: Case-based approach to blunt and penetrating trauma.

2015 (rev 2/10/15)
May 13, 15
ChungChristine Chung, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology, University of California-San Diego.
Topics: MRI in the overhead Thrower: Shoulder and Elbow, MR patterns of bone marrow edema, MRI peripheral nerves and entrapment syndromes and Core case review session

Apr 8, 15
SuhRobert Suh, MD

Professor of Radiology and Residency Program Director, University of California-Los Angeles.
Topics: Introduction to High resolution Imaging of the Chest and Core case review session

Mar 4, 15
MullinsMark Mullins, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences, Emory University SOM.
Topics: Perfusion Imaging of the Brain, MR Spectroscopy, MRI of the post-operative spine and Core case review session

Feb 11, 15
kalbBobby Kalb, MD, PhD

Vice Chair of Quality and Safety, and Director of MRI, University of Arizona.
Topics: Imaging of Cystic Pancreatic Lesions, MRI of solid liver lesions, MRI of Solid pancreas tumors, and Core case review session

2013 – 2014 (rev 9/26/13)
Apr 1, 14
rybiki1Frank Rybicki, MD, PhD, FAHA

Assistant Professor, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX Topics: The role of imaging in lung cancer, Case based review,
Pitfalls in interpretation of PET findings in the chest

Mar 10, 14
brett-w-carterBrett W. Carter, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School; Director, Cardiac CT and Vascular CT/MRI with Brigham and Women’s Hospital Topics: Cardiac CT Senior core cardiac cases

Feb 26, 14
oatesElizabeth Oates, MD

Professor and Chair of Radiology at the University of Kentucky, specializing in Nuclear Medicine Topics: Nuclear medicine core information Case based resident review of core Nuc Med cases

Dec 5 & 6, 13
AndronikouSavvas Andronikou, MBBCh, FCRad, FRCR, PhD

Professor and Chair, Witwatersrand Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa Topics: International Radiology; Imaging of infectious diseases

Nov 20, 13
johnson-dDaniel Johnson, MD

Professor of Radiology at Mayo Clinic – Arizona, specializing in abdominal imaging Topics: MRI of the Liver Case based resident review of core cases

Nov 11, 13
Charnick_2Barry Charnick, MD

Chief, Division of Nuclear Radiology, Radiology Associates of Hollywood, FL Topics: Nuclear Medicine PET/CT imaging and Lung Cancer; Senior Core case review

Sept 18, 13
MikeMichael Richardson, MD

Professor of Radiology, University of Washington; Specializing in Musculoskeletal Radiology and technology Topics: Breaking Bad with the iPad; Dealing deftly with dysplasia; Imaging of the Wrist and elbow Case based resident review of core MSK cases

Sept 16, 13
Meyers1Timothy Myers, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Capstone Radiology and Univ Missouri-KC alumni Topics: Shift to fee for quality vs fee for service; ACR/RBMA update Dr. Myers oversees the development of Capstone’s Quality Assurance system. He received his medical degree and completed his residency & fellowship training at Univ MO—Kansas City SOM/Truman Medical Center.

May 5, 13 Apr 7, 10 Apr 2, 09
yoo_dDon Yoon, MD

Nuclear Medicine Imaging Director, Brown University Topics: Challenges in interpreting PET-CT after Radiation and in Diabetic Patients; Evolving role of Nuclear Medicine for the Diagnosis, Workup, & Treatment of Thyroid Cancer Case based review of NRC requirements and nuclear medicine cases

May 29, 13
GolzarianJafar Golzarian, MD

Cardiac and Thoracic Imaging, Professor of Radiology at the University of Minnesota Topics: Prostate embolization as a treatment for BPH; Chemoembolization for the treatment of Hepatocellular carcinoma; Uterine fibroids Embolization: Update

Apr 25, 13
Bhalla1Sunjeev Bhalla, MD

Professor of Radiology, Mallinckrodt Institute, Washington University; Chief of Cardiac and Thoracic Imaging  Topics: CT of Acute Aortic Syndromes; Congenital heart disease cases; CT of pulmonary hypertension Case based resident review of core Cardiac cases

Mar 6, 13
KanalEmanuel Kanal, MD, FACR, FISMRM, AANG

Neuroradiology and MRI physics, Director of MR Services in the Dept of Radiology, Univ of Pittsburgh Medical Center Dr. Emanuel Kanal completed his 1st fellowship in MRI & a 2nd in Neuroradiology at The Pittsburgh NMR Institute and the Univ of Pittsburgh. He was the Medical Director of the Pittsburgh NMR Institute until its incorporation into the UPMC Health System, when he became Director of MR Services in the Dept of Radiology. Dr. Kanal serves numerous national & international professional societies, and is a consultant to the FDA on MR safety for 25 years. He is Chair of the ACR’s Blue Ribbon Panel on MRI Safety & is lead author of the ACR’s White Paper on MR Safety & its contained MR Safe Practice Guidelines. Topics: The role of relaxivity in contrast enhanced MRI; Medig

2011 – 2012 (rev 8/09/12)
Nov 13, 12
DegrootPPatricia Degroot, MD

Thoracic Imaging, Assistant Professor of Radiology, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Oct 24, 12 Oct 25, 12 Nov 10, 08
Shaffer_MD_PhDKitt Shaffer, MD

Thoracic Imaging, Vice Chair for Education and Professor of Radiology, Boston University Hospital Topics: Plain Radiographic Cardiac Evaluation; Edges of the Chest Radiograph

Oct 18, 12
kruskal-JJonathon Kruskal, MD

Abdominal Imaging and Intervention, Professor and Chairman of Radiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard University  Topics: Improving Radiologist Performance Through Peer Review; Optimizing the Liver Doppler Study; Pitfalls of right upper quadrant imaging

Sept  12
Lee-EdEdward Y Lee, MD, MPH

Pediatric Chest Imaging Section Chief and Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital Topics: State of the Art and Pediatric Chest Case Review

June 14, 12
L-tanenbaumLawrence N Tanebaum, MD, FACR

Associate Professor of Radiology, Mount Sinai Hospital of New York Topics: Role of Gadovist in CNS Imaging

May 29, 12 – June 1, 12
Ted Villafauna, PhD

Complete Review of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Physics Clinical Professor, Radiology Temple University

May 10, 12
maromEdith Marmon, MD

Professor of Radiology, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Topics: PET/CT: Quantification Artifacts & Interpretation pitfalls Senior Board Review; Iatrogenic Lung Disease in Cancer Patients; Pulmonary Infections in the Severly Immunocompromised Host

Apr 26, 12
norbashAlex Norbash, MD

Interventional Neuroradiologist, Professor and Chairman, Department of Radiology, Boston University Medical Center Dr Norbash was named 2012 University of Missouri-Kansas City Alumni of the year Topics: State of the art endovascular aneurysm treatment: methods, techniques  and understanding

Apr 4, 12
Steve Pomeranz, MD

MR imaging Cases Senior Review Cincinnati, OH

Mar 27, 12
benveniste1M. Benveniste, MD

Thoracic Imaging, Assistant Professor, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Topics: Imaging of Thymoma

Mar 2, 12
podberevskyDaniel Podberevsky, MD

Assistant Professor of Radiology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the University of Cincinnati Topics: CT Radiation dose limitation and safety Pediatric Case Review

Feb 9, 12
rowleyHoward A. Rowley, MD

Joeseph F Sackett Professor of Radiology, Neurology and Neurosurgery; Chief of Neuroradiology and  University of Wisconsin-Madison Topics: Advanced MRI for CNS tumors Resident case review Dr. Rowley obtained his MA and MD degrees from Washington University in St. Louis, and multi-specialty training at the Univ of CA, SF. He is  internationally recognized for his contributions to stroke trials, dementia research, and low radiation dose CT. He has served on the executive committee of the American Society of Neuroradiology for more than 10 years and is Chairman of the Neuroradiology Education and Research Foundation. Dr. Rowley has received multiple outstanding speaker awards for his lectures and webcasts covering a wide range of Neuroradiology topics.

Jan 17, 12
godoyM.C.B. Godoy, MD

Assistant Professor of Radiology, MD Anderson Cancer Center MD Anderson Cancer Center Topics: Overview of subsolid pulmonary nodlues ICU imaging: Lines and Tubes gone wild

Nov 16, 11
AngtuacoTeresita Angtuaco, MD

Professor of Radiology, Univ of Arkansas Topics: Problem Solving Strategies for gynecologic ultrasound; Pearls and Pitfalls in First Trimester Ultrasound; US Evaluation in High Risk OB Dr. Teresita Angtuaco is a Professor within the Departments of Radiology and Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. She has served in many advisory capacities in the ultrasound community. She’s the most recent recipient of UAMS College of Medicine Dean’s Educational Excellence Award for 2010-2011.

Oct 14, 11 Mar 10, 10
MichelleMichaelMichelle Michel, MD

Chief of ENT section, Medical College of Wisconsin Topics: ENT neck spaces and differential diagnoses

Oct 5, 11
gundermanRichard Gunderman, MD

Chief of Pediatric Radiology, Professor of Radiology, Pediatrics, Medicla Educaiton, Philosophy, Liberal Arts and Philanthropy; vice Chair of Radiology, University of Indiana Topics: Radiology Professional Issues Pediatric Imaging review; Should Radiologists Inform Patients of Results?; Seeing with sound Dr Gunderman is also a Fellow of the Tobias Center for Leadership Excellence and serves on the Board of Governors of the Institute for Advanced Study and the Kinsey Institute. He received his AB Summa Cum Laude from Wabash College, MD and PhD (Committee on Social Thought) from the University of Chicago, and MPH from Indiana University. He has won numerous teaching awards and was named the 2008 Outstanding Educator by the Radiological Society of North America. He is the author of over 230 scholarly articles and has published five books.

June 9, 11
leyendeckerJohn Leyendecker, MD

Abdominal Imaging section member, Clinical Director of MRI, Wake Forest University School of Medicine Topics: MRI Characterization of Renal Neoplasms MRI of the Liver Diffusion Weighted Imaging of the Body; DWI of the Body; MRI Liver  Dr. Leyendecker completed medical school at the Univ of Penn SOM, radiology residency at Emory Univ & fellowship in body MRI at Washington Univ SOM Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology. He has co-authored several textbooks on the topics of abdominal imaging and MRI and serves on various committees of the RSNA, ACR, ARRS, and ABR.

May 13, 11
schusterDavid Schuster, MD

Associate Professor in Radiology and Director of the Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, at Emory University Topics: Clinical Utility of PET/CT in Breast Cancer Management; Nuc Med Sr Cases; PET/CT in the Head & Neck; PET/CT in the Head & Neck Dr. Schuster’s research focus concerns projects involving molecular and nuclear imaging, with a special emphasis on PET cancer imaging with novel radiotracers for diagnosis and staging, including the use of integrative imaging technology. In January of 2007, his paper entitled “Initial Experience with the Radiotracer anti-[18F]FACBC with PET/CT in Prostate Carcinoma” was featured on the cover of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Dr. Schuster is also known for his co-authorship of the book “A Clinicians Guide to Nuclear Medicine.”

Apr 23, 11
S-RestrepoSantiago Restrepo, MD

Cardiac Imaging, Univ of Texas-San Antonio Topics: Cardiac CT Imaging: Aneurysms and Aberrations

Apr 20, 11
kuzoRonald Kuzo, MD

Cardiothoracic Imaging, Associate Professor of Radiology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Topics: MR Evaluation of Coronary Artery Disease; Cardiomyopathy; Cardiac Cases Board Review Dr. Ron Kuzo completed medical school and radiology residency at the Univ of Chicago. Fellowship in thoracic radiology at Mass General Hosp, Boston. Fellowship in cardiac MRI at Univ of Leuven, Belgium. Previously worked as staff radiologist at Med Coll Wisconsin; King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and was head of Cardiac Radiology at Mayo Clinic Florida, Jacksonville, FL

Apr 18, 11 Apr 5, 10 Apr 6, 09
Ay Ming Wang, MD, FACR

Professor and Director of Neuroradiology, William Beaumont SOM and University of Missouri-Kansas City Topics: ARRS 2011 keynote: Utility of MRS and Perfusion Iimaging in tumors; Essentials of Spine Imaging Neuroradiology Case Review

Feb 21, 11
dunkleJeffrey Dunkle, MD

Emergency Radiology Section Chief, Department of Radiology at the University of Indiana SOM Topics: Radiology After hours; Abdominal Emergency Cases; Emergency Radiology Board Cases Dr. Jeffry Dunkle is a graduate and former chief resident at the Indiana University Radiology program.

2009 – 2010
Dec 20, 10
Dr_David_LoyDavid Loy, MD

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology and Washington University Topics: Neuroimaging of Cervical Spine Trauma

Dec 14, 10
dixJames Dix, MD

Neuroradiologist, So TX Radiology Topics: Temporal Bone; Tumor and Post-treatment imaging; Neurosurgical Pre-operative imaging Dr. Dix completed his radiology residency at the University of Washington and his neuroradiology fellowship at the University of Virginia. He has over a decade of teaching experience, including receiving the Teacher of the Year Award from the David Grant Medical Center.

Nov 1, 10
ellenbogenPaul Ellenbogen, MD

Vice Chair of the Board of Chancellors and Chair of the Commission on Human Resources, American College Radiology Topics: ACR Professional Insurance ACR Resident/Fellow section:You’re member; Would you like to lead?; Ultrasound Cases Board Review  Dr. Ellenbogen has been a member of the ACR Board of Chancellors for the past 10 years. He is a Fellow of the ACR and also holds fellowship in the American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine and the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound.

Oct 15, 10 July 26, 10
yu_joe_2Joseph Yu, MD

Musculoskeletal Imaging, Chairman, Ohio State University Topics: Radiographic indicators of ligamentous injuries to lower extremities; MRI of Urgent Musculoskeletal Conditions

April 28, 10
Ann_FulcherAnn Fulcher, MD

Abdominal Imaging, Chair, Medical College of Virginia Topics: Evolving role of MRCP in the evaluation of biliary and pancreatic Pancreas MR and MRCP: A comprehensive approach to imaging; Navigating the biliary tract with CT&MR: Bile duct obstructionGI resident case conference: emphasis on fluoroscopy

Feb 10, 10
faculty_LaingFaye Laing, MD

Chief of Ultrasound, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University Topics: The non-gravid uterus: US evaluation Endovaginal Evaluation of patients with threatened abortion US of the Ovary – To worry or not to worry US Resident case conference

Jan 28, 10
Zagoria-Ronald-JRonald J Zagoria, MD

Abdominal Imaging, Wake Forest Univeristy Topics: Advances in Imaging and ablation of renal masses Imaging of urinary tract inflammation: Kidney to Urethra Imaging Renal masses GU Resident case conference

Jan 7, 10 Feb 12, 09
Brian-FunakiBrian Funaki, MD

Chief of Interventional Radiology, Univ of Illinois-Chicago Topics:  IR for the community radiologists: 10 that gave my colleagues fits How to take an IR case in Louisville IR resident case conference Interventions in Dialysis patients

Sept 1, 09 Aug 31, 09
sanford-rubinSanford Rubin, MD

Chief of Radiology, University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston Topics:  Thoracic Radiology- Mycobacteria infections Thoracic Radiology- High Resolution CT of the chest

May 13, 09
AtlasScottWilliamScott Atlas, M.D.

Neuroradiology, Stanford University Topics: Senior case based review

April 22, 09
HEITKAMPDaryl Heitkamp

Program Director, Radiology Residency at Indiana University Topics: Update on RRC/ABR changes

April 1, 09
IkedaDebra Ikeda, MD

Director of Breast Imaging, Stanford University Topics: Breast MRI Case Based Review

March 25, 09
Dr_Daniel_SilvermanDan Silverman, MD

Nuclear Medicine/PET

Feb 26, 09
ElKhoury_GeorgeGeorge El-Koury, MD

Musculoskeletal, University of Iowa Topics: MSK Infection

Feb 4, 09
mark-murphyMark Murphy, MD

Musculoskeletal radiology, AFIP

Jan 7, 09
Chandana-LallChandala Lall, MD

Abdomen imaging, Indiana University

Nov 11, 09
S-RestrepoSantiago Restrepo, MD

Cardiothoracic imaging, University of Texas San Antonio Topics: Cardiac CT Angiography

Nov 3, 08
Kanne_JeffreyJeffrey Kanne, MD

Thoracic Imaging, Cleveland Clinic Topics: Thoracic Manifestations  Collagen vascular dz