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The School of Medicine’s long-standing strengths in medical education are matched by an emerging successful effort to build biomedical research programs that are responsive to medical conditions in our community. The school has more than 20 endowed chairs and professors who lead research efforts.

Faculty provide excellent education for students in both classroom and clinical settings. For the calendar year 2013, publications by our faculty are remarkable in both quality and quantity, with more than 600 manuscripts, book chapters, monographs, reviews, editorials and other works.

The School uses its strength in biomedical informatics research through its Center for Health Insights to research key health concerns in the community. The school has four primary research focuses:

  • Brain and behavior research focuses on conditions including mental health, substance abuse, eye disorders, and blindness.
  • Chronic health conditions are an urgent concern in Kansas City and Missouri. Researchers in this area focus on heart health, diabetes, health outcomes, psychiatric disorders, and asthma.
  • Injury research focuses on learning more and improving treatment in bone and joint problems, emergency medicine, and shock trauma conditions.
  • Women and and children’s health focuses on reproductive health in women at Truman Medical Center and a variety of pediatric disorders that are researched at Children’s Mercy.

In addition to these research areas, the School has a variety of other research projects that focus on ways to advance the health of our community. This includes meaningful research and presentation options for the School’s students and residents.