Injury is another research focus for the school. Overall injury rates for Jackson County residents continues to be significantly higher than Missouri’s state average. According to Health and Senior Services it is the fifth overall cause of death in Jackson County. Emergency room visits for Jackson County continue to significantly exceed state averages with 467 visits per 1000 residents, with injuries accounting for a significant portion of these visits. Through research in a variety of academic departments the School is researching joint replacement, emergency medicine and shock trauma to better treat and improve injury outcomes.

 Elbow/Joint Featured Researchers

Akin Cil, M.D., Franklin D. Dickson/Missouri Endowed Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Research and Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, conducts collaborative research with colleagues in the Civil & Mechanical Engineering department. This research is aimed at finding better solutions to elbow problems through the use of computer modeling of the elbow to replicate the joint’s mechanical behavior and to develop treatment strategies to  manage trauma to the joint and surrounding ligament reconstruction


Emergency Medicine Featured Researchers

Matt Gratton, M.D., FACEP, Associate Professor and Chair Department of Emergency Medicine, conducts research regarding medicine in the out-of-hospital setting, specifically in the Kansas City, Missouri Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System. Research interests include out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and endotracheal intubation as well as “operational issues” such as accuracy of priority dispatch criteria and “time” related issues.

Mark T. Steele, MD, FACEP, is Professor in Emergency Medicine. His research interests are in the areas of infectious disease, wound care, circadian rhythms, shift work, emergency medicine practice and workforce issues.


Shock Trauma Featured Researchers

Mingui Fu, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor in the Department of Basic Medical Sciences research interest is to identify the molecular regulators controlling inflammatory response and immunity and study their contribution to human inflammatory diseases such as septic shock, atherosclerosis and inflammatory-associated malignancy.

Nilofer Qureshi, Ph.D., is a Professor of Basic Medical Science and Director, Molecular & Cellular Immunology. Her recent research centers on the biology of LPS, especially, with regards to its effect on the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway (UPP) in macrophages and septic shock.

Charles W. Van Way III, M.D., Professor of surgery, is the Sosland/Missouri Endowed Chair of Trauma Research and Director UMKC Shock Trauma Research Center. activities have centered around hemorrhagic shock, and to exploring the basic mechanisms of cell injury during hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation, and to identify changes which produce long-term damage.