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Robert Corn, M.D.
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Corn-RobertUndergrad: University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Medical School: University of Nebraska Medical Center
Surgery Interest: Vascular Surgery
Hobbies: Follow the Royals, Huskers and Chiefs and playing golf
Favorite things to do on days off: Exploring the city. Going to concerts and Royals and Chiefs games and playing golf.
Reason I came to UMKC: The residents and staff were very welcoming and the program offers a wide breadth of operative experiences. Kansas City is also an excellent place to live.
Scott Hardouin, M.D.
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Undergrad: Saint Louis University
Medical School: Saint Louis University
Surgery Interest: Vascular Surgery
Hobbies: Soccer, basketball and skiing
Favorite things to do on days off: Go to a sporting event or movie with my wife or hang out with my fellow residents.
Reason I came to UMKC: The vast clinical exposure between Truman and St. Luke’s. The barbeque was a good bonus too.
Gillian Jones, D.O.
Jones-GillianHometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Undergrad: University of Missouri
Medical School: KCUMB
Surgery Interest: General surgery
Hobbies: Cooking, running, hanging out with my daughter.
Favorite things to do on days off:  Go to movies, try new restaurants, read by the pool.
Reason I came to UMKC: I rotated at UMKC as a student and was immediately struck by the bond between the surgery residents. Everyone was supportive of each other and there was a genuine sense of family amongst them. I immediately felt at home and knew I would be in a place that would train me not only to be a good surgeon, but how to be an important part of the team.
Khang Le, M.D.
Le-KhangHometown: Lincoln, Nebraska
Undergrad: University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Medical School: University of Nebraska Medical Center
Surgery Interest: General Surgery
Hobbies: Wine tasting
Favorite things to do on days off:
Taking my puppy for a walk, going to the park and eating at a Vietnam café.
Reason I came to UMKC:
Recommended by my faculty (who was a graduate of UMKC) and proximity to home.
Teisha Shiozaki, M.D.
Hometown: Salt lake City, Utah
Undergrad: University of Utah
Medical School: University of Utah
Surgery Interest: Minimally Invasive Surgery
Hobbies: Downhill skiing, dog walking, painting, cooking, craft beers and travel.
Favorite things to do on days off: Going out for happy hour
Reason I came to UMKC: I loved the residents and thought it would be a fun city.