Twelve UMKC Presentations receive honors at RSNA


Diagnostic radiology department members receive honors at the 2012 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago, IL. The RSNA is the largest medical meeting in the world with an annual attendance of over 60,000. More than 2100 posters were displayed at this year’s meeting, including 11 from UMKC. We are proud that 8 of 11 UMKC posters received awards ranging from the highly selective Magna Cum Laude (given to only 30 posters) and Cum Laude awards to Certificates of merit and selection for CME credit. Honored posters authored by UMKC faculty, fellows, residents, *medical students and alumni are as follows.

  • Magna Cum Laude Award. Franquet TC, Suster S, Rosado de Christenson ML, Frazier A, Martinez-Jimenez S, Gimenez A. Bronchiolocentric Lung Diseases: High-Resolution CT and Pathological Findings.
  • Cum Laude Award. Godoy MC, Saldana DA, Benveniste MK, Vlahos I, Marom EM, Erasmus JJ. Role of Multidetector CT in the evaluation of Airway Stents.
  • Certificate of Merit. Vargas D, Restrepo CS, Ocazionez D, Murillo H, Bentancourt C, Martinez-Jimenez S. Primary Pericardial neoplasms: A Pictorial Review.
  • Certificate of Merit. Benson RE, Rosado de Christenson ML, Martinez-Jimenez S, Kunin JR, Watson KR, Pettavel PP. Spectrum of Thoracic Neuroendocrine Proliferations and Neooplasms: Carcinoid, Carcinoid tumorlets, DIPNECH, and Carcinoid Syndrome.
  • Certificate of Merit. Desai N, *Kollipara R, Thacker PG, Lowe LH. Hypoxic Ischemic Injury: An Overview of Clinical and Radiological Manifestations From Premie to Adult.
  • RSNA exclusive selected for CME credit. Sanchez JL, Stull MA, Towsley MS. Spectrum of Stress Injuries of the Foot and Ankle in the Maturing Population.
  • Certificate of Merit. *Chowdhury I, Tellier J, Lowe LH. Guide to Implementing a Milestone based Reporting Curriculum for Radiology Residents: A Method to Teach and Assess Core Competency Communication Skills.