A letter to fellow alumni

13 January, 2020

Dear UMKC School of Medicine Alumnus,

Hello.  For those of you who don’t know me, my name is David John, M.D.  I am a 1977 graduate of the UMKC School of Medicine and have returned to the School of Medicine after practicing rheumatology in Honolulu since finishing my fellowship.  While I continue to serve as the Gold One Docent (I was Green One under William Sirridge as a student), I have recently taken on the position as the Associate Dean of Alumni and Community Engagement.  Today is my first day in the new position and I wanted my first task to be reaching out to my fellow UMKC School of Medicine alums.

The first thing I want to tell you is that our School of Medicine is alive and well under the leadership of another fellow alum, Dean Mary Anne Jackson (Class of 1978, Blue One Docent unit).  Many exciting things are happening:

  • Our 50th Anniversary is rapidly approaching; save the date of September 25th, 2021, for the Anniversary dinner.
  • A student-centric major remodeling project beginning with the front SOM courtyard, the lobby, the humanities classroom and the canteen area
  • A rapidly expanding research initiative to support our student and resident needs
  • A reinvigoration of and recommitment to our Docent concept, the backbone of the UMKC School of Medicine Academic Plan
  • Our recent full 8-year reaccreditation by the LCME
  • “Hospital Hill” is passé; we are now part of the Health Sciences District.

I want to take the opportunity to emphasize that our School of Medicine is very special.  The Junior-Senior partnership concept still works.  Do-Ro still gives our graduates a more solid grasp of medicine than most schools.  Our graduates go on to have impressive careers and do astounding things.

For a 17-year-old guy who envisioned a career as a small college literature professor (with an eventual Nobel), the life that the UMKC School of Medicine gave me has been amazing.  I cannot imagine a more worthwhile purpose than ours as physicians.  I am honored.  I am grateful.  I am confident that you feel the same way!

If you ever want to talk about the School, hear about our plans to enhance the facility and the students’ experience, get a tour, air a concern, please contact me.  You can expect a warm welcome.

My cell number is 808-382-1307.  I look forward to speaking with you individually.  And, look forward to regular updates.

Have a grand 2020!




David John, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Associate Dean of Alumni and Community Engagement
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine