Business Affairs



Approval to travel must be received in writing (email is acceptable) from your supervisor and department head before traveling.  This email will need to be attached to your reimbursement request or reimbursement may be denied.


For airfare, registration, car rental, and hotel costs, a University purchase card is the preferred method. If you do not have one or access to someone with one, the Business Office can assist you with this or you can be reimbursed for these specific items once you purchase.  If you want Business Affairs to purchase, please send the following information to

  • Registration Website
  • Any additional information required by Registration site (member number, meetings attending, etc.)
  • Flight Preference
  • Rewards numbers if applicable
  • Legal Name *must match driver’s license
  • Date of birth

All other travel expenses, are paid by you and reimbursed after travel.  Meals will be reimbursed on a Per Diem basis and are based on travel location.  Rate information can be found on the  APSS website.

As a reminder, the School is tax exempt in several states and as a result, can not reimburse tax for purchases in those areas.  Please check the UMSystem website to see if we are tax exempt where you are going and to find out what you need to take.  If you have any issues with this, please contact Becky (235-6672) or Mark (235-1814).


For University paid employees, reimbursement is requested through the PeopleSoft Expense Report system.  Training guides for completing an Expense Report can be found at the links below.

You must attach the following to your expense report.

  • Mileage Map, if claiming miles for your personal vehicle
  • Itemized receipts for purchase greater than $75
  • Preapproval to travel

For non-University paid employees, the following items need submitted to the

  • Itemized listing of expenses requesting reimbursement for (can be in email body.  *Business Affairs will calculate your per diem amount, you only need to list if you want to claim it or not.
  • Itemized receipts for purchase greater than $75
  • Email with supervisor and funding source approval

All items need to be submitted within 60 days or they will be considered income.   If this happens, the reimbursement is held until the next pay day.  The paycheck you receive at that time will be reduced for the taxes on the reimbursement.  A separate deposit will be released on the same day for the full amount of your reimbursement.