B.A. / M.D. Program

Application Timeline

Doc KC
August: Application Becomes Available

The application process involves two separate applications: the General Application for Admission to UMKC and the School of Medicine Online Supplemental Application. The required application fee covers both applications, and is paid at the time the applicant completes the General Application for Admission to UMKC. Students are encouraged to submit the General Application for Admission to UMKC online. The School of Medicine Online Supplemental Application must be submitted online.

For the Fall 2022 cycle: In the rare event that an applicant is not able to sit for the ACT or SAT, due to COVID-19 test cancellations, they will still be eligible to be reviewed for the BA/MD program for Fall 2022. Applicants who are unable to submit a test score should mention their inability to sit for the exam in the supplemental application under the “COVID-19 question” in the Supplemental Application to the School of Medicine. Additionally, applicants will need to send documentation of the test cancellation to medicine@umkc.edu, which will be added to their application file. If an applicant does have a ACT or SAT score on file, but it is below the minimum score for consideration, the applicant will not be eligible for review.

November 1: Application Deadline

The General Application for Admission to UMKC and the School of Medicine Online Supplemental Application are due by this date. All supporting documents must also be submitted by this date (this includes reference forms, high school transcripts and test scores). Applications created but not complete by the November 1 deadline (11:59 p.m. CST) have until December 15 to complete and submit all application materials as a late applicant. Late applications will be reviewed with other late applicants and only if space is available. Applications that remain incomplete will not be considered for admission.

The latest test score accepted as “on-time” is the October test date.

January: Offers to Interview are Extended

Applicants selected for an interview or placed on the interview waitlist will be notified electronically by the end of January. Applicants not selected for an interview will also be notified electronically.

January 20: College Transcript Deadline

Applicants applying as current college students must submit a college transcript complete with fall semester grades before the application can be reviewed for interview. Offers to interview will not be extended until the college transcript with fall grades has been received.  Applicants who do not have an official transcript on file by January 20th will not be considered for admission. Note: for high school seniors, mid-year reports with fall semester grades are not required and will not be reviewed.

February: Interviews Take Place

All applicants selected for interview must select and confirm a date for interview. All applicants must interview in-person at the School of Medicine. Phone interviews are not permitted.

February 1: Priority Deadline for Filing the FAFSA

Students interested in financial assistance (loans, grants, work study, etc.) are encouraged to submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid by this date in order to receive priority consideration for such aid. In addition, students interested in School of Medicine scholarships must submit the FAFSA by this date in order to be considered. The FAFSA can be completed online at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

April 1: Offers of Admission are Extended

Students being offered admission will be notified electronically of their acceptance to the program. Scholarship offers may also be made at this time. Students placed on the alternate list or denied to the program will also be notified electronically at this time. All admission decisions are communicated electronically, and will not be communicated via phone.

May 1: Deadline to Accept Offer of Admission

Applicants who have been offered admission to the School of Medicine have until May 1 to make a decision. If the School of Medicine does not hear from the applicant by May 1, admission may be rescinded and offered to another student.

May (Ongoing): Offers of Admission are Extended to Alternate Students

The School of Medicine will begin extending offers of admission to those students who were originally placed on the alternate list. Offers of admission to alternate students are ongoing until the desired class size is reached.