Blue 6 team’s Medopoloy cake wins cake decorating contest

The Blue 6 docent team won the School of Medicine’s cake decorating contest with its Medopoly cake.

Look out, Milton Bradley.

The UMKC School of Medicine’s Blue 6 docent team put its own tasty twist on the company’s age-old favorite, Monopoly, to win first prize in a cake decorating contest sponsored by the School’s Color Officers on Sept. 7 in the School of Medicine lobby.

Playing off the popular board game, students from the unit created their own game of Medopoly with chocolate cake and a light blue frosting for the game board, complete with houses, hotels and cards — all edible, as students, faculty and staff discovered after the final voting was announced.

Students from the Green 6 Team captured the second prize with its entry, Party Like There’s No To-Maya, and the Red 7 Team won third place with its Cake Seeker entry.

Eight docent teams participated by baking and decorating their original cakes. The remaining entries included Gold 3’s Supplemental Anatomy Study Material; Gold 5’s Types of Medical Students; Gold 8’s Love is Heavy; Green 5’s Bristol Stool Scale; and Red 5’s Hor-Clex Journal.

Little was left of the entries after students, faculty and staff sampled all of the cakes just after lunch.

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