Department of Biomedical Sciences

Central Lab (room # M3-C04F)

Miyako Rauls
Research Assistant – Biomedical Sciences

Equipment and supplies
  • Large-volume autoclave
  • Deionized water station
  • Air dryers
  • Flask scrubber
  • BIOHAZ (red bins) medical waste container pick up/drop off area
  • Freezers -80 C
  • Dry Ice available for lab specimen shipments – contact at least 3 business days prior to shipment. Larger amounts more than #10 lbs. (4 blocks) require at least 7 business days advance notice to schedule preparation.
    • Please email your cancellation by noon the day before, if dry ice is not needed
  • Distilled water available. Contact at least 48 hours in advance. 5 gallons of distilled water containers are available, limited to one request per business day.
  • Light and fluorescence microscopes equipped with PAXcam microscope camera, and PAX-it imaging software.
  • Laboratory Equipment Available
    • Mulit-image Light Cabinet
    • Plate Reader
    • Centrifuge
    • Affymetrix Microarray Analysis
Sharps Policy and Disposal:

All new-hire researchers are required to attend an orientation training prior to utilizing the Central Lab.

Central Lab Orientation Video (requires WMV player and UMKC SSO)

Per School of Medicine (SOM) policy – research investigators, staff, students, and volunteers that work in SOM laboratories including the Central Lab, must complete biohazard training from CITI.

For more info see –

Hazardous Chemical Management:
  • Hazardous chemicals are managed by the UMKC Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHS).  EHS maintains the University bar-coding system to inventory and track hazardous materials at UMKC. EHS works with every lab and conducts audits of each lab. In addition, EHS provides emergency response efforts for chemical spills.
  • Dr. Xiangping Chu is the School of Medicine representative for UMKC Chemical Safety Committee.
  • SOM researchers should contact Paula Monaghan-Nichols, Ph.D.,
    or (816)235-6663 when new chemicals are received, hazardous chemicals need to be removed, or assistance with the new inventory system and management of chemical inventories in labs.
Compressed Gas Cylinders

Safety Compressed Gas Cylinders – Handling and Use, Transportation and Storage

Equipment and Supply Request

The Department of Biomedical Sciences has equipment and supplies available for request for research purposes only. A list of equipment and supplies can be found below.