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USMLE Step Policy Update as of 5/15/2020

Dear students,

As you are aware, Prometric testing centers across the nation have been closed for weeks due to COVID-19. Prometric recently resumed USMLE testing at some of their facilities as part of their essential services. However, they are functioning with restricted operations, following local and federal health guidelines. The constantly changing guidelines have created a very complicated backlog of students who have had to reschedule their USMLE exams with little to no notice. Please know we recognize that what is going on is completely outside of your control.

We continue to share student concerns with the NBME and are strongly advocating for you. The Council of Deans are meeting weekly with the AAMC, discussing these issues and advocating for you. They are trying to ensure that plans are consistent and equitable, and that all medical schools use the same process. We will keep you updated on any information we receive.

The Curriculum Office is responsible for balancing the needs of students to take Step exams under these uncertain and trying circumstances with the needs of all UMKC SOM students, and our affiliates, to continue moving forward with your medical education. I hope that you can appreciate that this is a very difficult task. Due to the fact that almost all required clerkships are full in the 2020-2021 cycle, we are unable to accommodate so many student requests to alter curriculum plans in order to allow time for Step exam studies – keeping in mind that if we do that your curriculum will be delayed into Year 6. Therefore, all students who have shown readiness for USMLE Step 1 are required to proceed with their currently scheduled core clerkships, regardless of Step 1 exam date. However, we will be making the following policy adjustments in recognition of the challenges that students are confronted with:

  1. The Councils on Curriculum and Evaluation have waived the Block 3 Step 1 deadline for students who have shown readiness for Step 1 this academic year. Now, you are required to successfully complete Step 1 prior to sitting for Step 2 CK, which for most students is at the completion of all Year 5 clerkships. The readiness policy for Step 2 CK is unchanged. This policy revision will allow you to strategically plan when you best prepared to sit for Step 1 while continuing on in the curriculum. However, we strongly recommend that most students take Step 1 as early as possible to prevent knowledge loss. Please also keep in mind that a second wave of disease could further extend Prometric site closures in the fall.
  2. Students who have an NBME subject exam scheduled in the same block as their Step 1 exam may petition to postpone the subject exam by 1 block in order to allow more focused studying for the Step exam. Students will not be permitted to defer more than one subject exam for Step reasons.
  • Please also note the following:
    • Students studying for Step 2 CK must still meet the prerequisites before sitting for the exam by passing the subject exams from Psych, Year 5 Docent Rotation, Ob/gyn, Peds, and Surgery, in addition to either receiving a score of at least 209 on Step 1 or showing readiness with CCSE . This requirement is unchanged from our existing policy.
    • Students who have not yet shown readiness to sit for Step 1 are required to demonstrate readiness for the exam by the end of Block 3. Students who have not yet shown readiness to sit for Step 1 should contact their ETC or the curriculum office if they have concerns regarding their schedule.
    • Students should remember that a leave of absence is an option, should the above options not be consistent with your goals.

We advise all students to use the resources available to them and do not hesitate to contact the School of Medicine staff if you need assistance of any kind.


Clinical Performance Evaluation

Family Medicine Preceptorship Questionnaire

Petition Policies

Guidelines for Curriculum Changes

petition is defined as a request to add or delete a confirmed rotation or elective, or vacation block in the student’s curriculum.

By the beginning of Block 12 each year, all curriculum plans for the upcoming academic year should be finalized. These guidelines have been written to address ONLY changes requested after Block 12 preceding the new academic year (example: April 2, 2018 for the 2018-2019 academic year). The goal of these guidelines is to provide a procedure for the students to follow when a change in a scheduled rotation or elective is requested.

All students are expected to carefully review their curriculum plans for the upcoming year with their Education Team Coordinator. Students are expected to follow their curriculum plans as written


Curriculum Revisions that Require a Formal Petition
  1. To waive a required vacation block
  2. To modify required confirmed clerkships, electives or courses
  3. To modify curriculum in response to academic failure
  4. To request a summer Arts and Science campus

Some revision(s) in a student curriculum may be considered without a petition. Any such revisions will be made and approved only by the Associate Dean of Curriculum. The following are the circumstances in which a student’s curriculum may be revised without a petition:

  1. Illness or injury to the student; illness, injury or death in the student’s immediate family which would compromise the student’s ability to fully participate in the scheduled course(s)
  2. Administrative Leave of Absence granted by Council on Evaluation
  3. When it is evident that the student needs additional basic science course-work, due to failure or withdrawal from the course
  4. Revised curriculum plan due to insufficient performance on CBSE (see Step I Policy)
  5. Revised curriculum plan due to failure on Step 1 (see Step I Policy)
  6. Other emergency circumstances as determined by the Associate Dean of Curriculum


Process to Petition to Change Scheduled Rotations, Electives, or Vacations

Criteria for Petitions

  1. The request must be submitted to the Council on Curriculum on a “Petition to Change Curriculum” form.
  2. Student petitions requesting changes to curriculum must be submittedno later than the first calendar day of the block prior to the start date of the rotation or elective. Exceptions to this policy will be made only in the following instances:
  • An elective that is cancelled, that was previously confirmed by the institution.
  • A request to change curriculum that is based on an academic need that was not identified until after the one block deadline (e.g., Student drops a course due to academic reasons and needs to change curriculum for the next block).
  • A situation that is deemed an emergency by the Associate Dean of Curriculum.
  1. The change requested must not affect the minimum or maximum required numbers for the rotation/elective.
  2. The change requested must not compromise established Curriculum Policies.

Any petition placed on the Council on Curriculum agenda will be subject to final approval/denial by the Coordinating Council.

Process for Petitioning

  1. See your Education Team Coordinator to obtain a petition form.
  2. Complete the form with your request; obtain your Docent’s signature and return the form to your Education Team Coordinator.
  3. Have your ETC sign the petition.
  4. Your ETC will forward the petition to the Council on Curriculum.
  5. The Council on Curriculum will note thereceived date as the date the completed petition is received in the Curriculum office.
  6. The petition will be executively approved or denied by the Associate Dean of Curriculum, and the student’s ETC will be notified.
  7. The petition will be placed on the consent agenda for the next meeting of the Council on Curriculum.


Docent or Unit Rotation Petitions

The current policy from Docent Council is that a student CANNOT change his/her Docent Rotation, except in the following situations:

    • Changing the rotation will allow the student to graduate on time
    • A required move by the Council on Curriculum due to student’s withdrawal or failure in a required course or rotation
    • Individual emergency situations

A student requesting to change a Docent Unit or Docent Rotation must complete a “Petition to Change Docent Unit or Docent Rotation” form. The form must be signed by appropriate parties and then forwarded to the Council on Curriculum for final approval or disapproval.


Appeal Process for Denied Petitions

The following is the appeal process for student petitions:

    1. The petition will be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Curriculum and approved, denied or referred to the full Council for discussion. In the case of referral or denial, the student may request to be invited to the next Council meeting and allowed to make a personal appeal.
    2. If the petition is denied by the Council, the student may make a final appeal to the Student Appeals Subcommittee.
    3. If an emergency appeal is needed, due to time constraints, this will be made to the Senior Associate Dean.


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ACGME/UMKC Competencies

In May 2010 the Council on Curriculum undertook the task of merging the original nine UMKC competencies to be in line with the ACGME competencies. In May 2011, the Council completed a comprehensive review of the entire curriculum to map the newly adopted six UMKC competencies and learning objectives across all required courses and clerkship.

ACGME Competency Domain Revised UMKC Competency Domain
I. Interpersonal & Communication Skills I. Interpersonal & Communication Skills
II. Medical Knowledge II. Medical Knowledge Including Applications of Basic Science & Problem-Solving
III. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement III. Practice-based Learning Including Lifelong Learning & Self-Appraisal
IV. Systems-Based Practice IV. Systems-Based Practice
V. Patient Care V. Patient Care Including History & Physical, Procedures, Diagnosis, Management & Prevention
VI. Professionalism VI. Professionalism Including Cultural Competence & Ethical Decision-Making