Evaluation Council Members

Chair:  Stacey Algren, M.D.
Vice Chair:  Angela Bodle, M.D.
Docent:  James Stanford,M.D.
Docent/Alternate:  Monica Katamura, M.D.
Humanities/Social Sciences:  Michele Maddux, Ph.D
Basic Scientist:  Chad Touchberry, Ph.D
Basic Scientist:  Carrie Vyhlidal, Ph.D.
Clinical Scientist:  Zarmina Ehsan,M.D.
Clinical Scientist:  Doug Burgress, M.D.
Student I (Years 3-6): Jonathan Jalali, Yr 5
Student II (Years 3-6): Jordan longabaugh, Yr 4
Student (Year 2): Victoria Cegielski
Children’s/Dean’s Appointment: Jennifer Bickel, M.D.
St. Luke’s/Dean’s Appointment:  Omair Yousef,M.D.
CPAR Subcommittee:  Christopher Veit,M.D.
Student Affairs Representatives:  Brenda Rogers, M.D., Raymond Cattaneo,M.D. (or designees)
Cultural Diversity Representatives: Tyler Smith, M.D.
Council Coordinator:  Connor Fender


FERPA Release Form
Transcript Release Form
Policy Manual and Guidelines for Promotion
Committee on Progression Policy Manual and Guidelines
Professional Behavior Evaluation Form
General Petition Form
Council on Evaluation Program Withdrawal Form
Graduate Program Withdrawl Form
Elective Student Performance Evaluation

Leave of Absence for the School of Medicine




Council on Evaluation


The Council on Evaluation is chaired by Stacey Algren, M.D. Members of this council include faculty elected by their peers from the basic sciences, clinical medicine, and the social sciences and humanities. It also includes elected representatives from the student body, dean’s appointments, and ex-officio members.

It’s charge is the development of policies and procedures to assess the academic and professional development of students as they move through the curriculum and to apply those standards in evaluating student performance at all year levels. It originates recommendations for student promotion, non-promotion, graduation, and dismissal. This council meets monthly thoughout the year, typically on the second Wednesday of the month. Council on Evaluation policies and procedures are available online in pdf format.