Clinical Pharmacology Department

Each unit in the Medical School is assigned a clinical pharmacologist who holds a pharmacology (Pharm.D.) degree as well as postgraduate training and usually additional years of fellowship training in pharmacology or pharmacotherapy research. These pharmacologists make rounds with the docent teams, teaching patient-oriented pharmacology at the bedside.

The Pharm.D. helps students learn to select, utilize and administer drugs safely and effectively with consideration of cost-effective utilization.

Blue 5 Unit: 
Julie Wright-Banderas, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS

Gold 4 Unit:
James Wooten, Pharm.D.

Green 4 Unit:
Paul G. Cuddy, Pharm.D.

Red 4 Unit: 
John Foxworth, Pharm.D.

Docent Units

Years 1-2 Student Affairs Office:

Atterbury Student Success Center – Room 116

Kathleen Moburg, Learning Resource Specialist, 116-A ASSC, 816-235-8831
Connie Beachler, Education Team Coordinator, 116-B ASSC, 816-235-1460
Colin Foster, Education Team Coordinator, 116-C ASSC, 816-235-1459

Dr. Christina Crumpecker, Course Director Fundamentals
Mr. Nathan Driskill, Course Coordinator for Fundamentals

Years 3-6 Docent Units


Te’Airra Posey, Office Support Asst. IV, M4-301 235-1950
Betsy Hendrick, Education Team Coordinator, M4-205C, 235-1957
Blue 1-4

Dr. Rishi Sharma, Internal Medicine

M4-333 Blue 1 235-1903

Dr. Bindiya Marakkath, Internal Medicine

M4-321 Blue 2 235-1912

Dr. Adnan Choudhury, Internal Medicine

M4-303 Blue 3 235-1914
Dr. Sara Gardner, Internal Medicine
M4-317 Blue 4 235-6169
Blue 5-8

Dr. James Stanford, Infectious Diseases

M5-303 Blue 5 235-1915

Dr. Jared Keeler, Internal Medicine

M5-333 Blue 6 235-1955

Dr. Trung Pham, Internal Medicine

M5-325 Blue 7 235-1888

Dr. Nick George, Internal Medicine

M5-317 Blue 8 235-1859


Jim Wooten, Pharm.D., Internal Medicine, M4-213 235-2197
Kim Kalaiwaa, Senior Office Support Asst.,  M4-205 816-235-1900
Krisana West, Education Team Coordinator, M4-225 SOM 816-235-1921
Gold 1-3

Dr. David John, Rheumatology

M4-221 Gold 1 235-1922

Dr. Richard Butin, Internal Medicine

M4-233 Gold 2 235-2997

Dr. Amgad Masoud, Internal Medicine

M4-217 Gold 3 235-1923
Gold 5-8
Dr. Jon Kendall, Int. Med/Pediatrics M5-203 Gold 5 235-1964

Dr. Fariha Shafi, Internal Medicine

M5-221 Gold 6 235-1962

Dr. Fariha Shafi, Internal Medicine

M5-221 Gold 7 235-1962

Dr. Ray Segebrecht, Internal Medicine

M5-217 Gold 8 235-1937


Paul Cuddy, Pharm.D., Internal Medicine, 235-1938
Nyia Duncan, Education Team Coordinator, M4-429 235-1811
Green 1-4

Dr. Richard Harlow, Internal Medicine

M4-403 Green 1 235-5566

Dr. Muhammad Shah Miran, Internal Medicine

M4-421 Green 2 235-1934
Dr. Will Rees, Internal Medicine M4-433 Green 4 235-1935
Green 5-8

Dr. Kavita Jadhav, Internal Medicine

M5-433 Green 5 235-1972

Dr. Gary Salzman, Pulmonary/Crit. Care

Dr. Nurry Pirani, Internal Medicine

M5-425 Green 6



Dr. Nissi Philip, Internal Medicine

M5-417 Green 7 235-1973

Dr. Amit Patel, Nephrology

M5-407 Green 8 235-1810


John Foxworth, Pharm.D., Internal Medicine, M4-133, 235-1925
Cherie Burton, B.A., Office Support Asst. IV, M3-301, 235-1940
Brent McCoy, Education Team Coordinator, M4-121, 235-1906
Red 1-4

Dr. Jennifer McBride, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

M4-103 Red 1 235-1805

Dr. Amr Edrees, Rheumatology

M4-129 Red 2 235-1944

Dr. Lawrence Dall, Infectious Diseases

M4-117 Red 3 235-1947

Dr. David Bamberger, Infectious Diseases

M4-125 Red 4 235-1942
Red 4 Unit Neuroscience Lab, Dr. Chu M4-104 235-6761
Red 5-8

Dr. Emily Haury, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

3-301A Red 5 235-1935

Dr. Molly Uhlenhake, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

3-302 Red 7 235-1978

Dr. Anthony Makovec, Internal Medicine

3-303A Red 8 235-1905


NOTE: Purple Docent Units are located at Saint Luke’s Hospital, Suite 620, Medical Plaza I

Bobbi Washechek, Education Team Coordinator, M4-209, 235-1966
Purple 1-4
Dr. Richard Lustig, Internal Medicine Purple 1 – SLH 932-6120
Dr. Doug Cochran, Internal Medicine Purple 2 – SLH 932-8680
Dr. Slawomir Walewicz, Internal Medicine Purple 3 – SLH 932-6120
Dr. Jamie Lawless, Internal Medicine Purple 4 – SLH 932-6100


Dean’s Office


Mary Anne Jackson, M.D.

Vice Dean:

Paul Cuddy, Pharm.D., M.B.A. (Vice Dean for Medical Education, Academic Affairs, and Leadership Development)

Senior Associate Deans:

Sara Gardner, M.D. (Curriculum)
Dev Maulik, M.D., Ph.D., FACOG, FRCOG
(Women’s Health)
Michael Wacker, Ph.D. (Academic Affairs and Pathway Programs)

Associate Deans:

Stacey Algren, M.D. (Learning Environment)
Denise Bratcher, D.O.
(Children’s Mercy Hospital Programs)
Phil D. Byrne, Ed.D. (Graduate Medical Education)
Timothy Dellenbaugh, M.D. (Center for Behavioral Medicine)
Stefanie Ellison, M.D. (Learning Initiatives)
John Foxworth, Pharm.D. (Academic Enrichment)
Gregory Howell, M.D. (Saint Luke’s Hospital Programs)
Sharad Mathur, M.D. (Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center)
Paula Nichols, Ph.D. (Research Administration)
Robert Riss, M.D. (Student Affairs)
Tyler Smith, M.D.,MPH (Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)
Mark T. Steele, M.D. (Truman Medical Center)
Christine Sullivan, M.D. (Professional Development)
Gary Sutkin, M.D. (Women’s Health)
Jacqueline Walker, Ph.D. (Clinical Medical Education)

Assistant Deans:

Doris Agwu, M.P.H. (Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)
Julie Banderas, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS
(Graduate Studies & Allied Health)
Cary Chelladurai, Ed.D. (Student Affairs & Interim for Admissions and Recruitment)
Lawrence Dall, M.D. (Medical Student Research)
Emily Haury, M.D. (Clinical Medical Education)
Bridgette Jones, M.D. (Academic Dean of Student Affairs)
Darla McCarthy, Ph.D. (Curriculum)
Brent McCoy, M.A. (Student Engagement)
Emily Montgomery, M.D. (Career Advising)
Brook Nelson, M.D.
(Graduate Medical Education)
Jennifer Quaintance, Ph.D. (Assessment and Quality Improvement)
David Wooldridge, M.D. (Graduate Medical Education)

Council Chairs:

Stacey Algren, M.D. (Council on Evaluation)
Julie Banderas, Pharm.D. (Graduate Studies)
Michael Christian, M.D. (Honor Council)
Sara Gardner, M.D. (Council on Curriculum)
Bryce Hesse, M.D. (Council on Selection)
Jared Keeler, M.D. (Council of Docents)
Ayanda Chakawa, Ph.D. (Diversity Council)
James Wooten, Pharm.D. (Faculty Council)

Academic Chairs:

Adam Algren, M.D. (Emergency Medicine)
Julie Banderas, Pharm.D.,
FCCP, BCPS (Graduate Health Professions in Medicine)
John Borsa, M.D. (Radiology)
Brian Carter, M.D. (Medical Humanities and Bioethics)
Akin Cil, M.D. (Orthopaedic Surgery)
Charles Donohoe, M.D. (Neurology)
Jennifer Elliott, M.D. (Anesthesiology)
Brett Ferguson, D.D.S. (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
Jeanne James, M.D.,M.B.A. (Pediatrics)
Stephen Jarvis, M.D. (Psychiatry)
Kamani Lankachandra, M.D. (Pathology)
Dev Maulik, M.D. (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Paula Monaghan-Nichols, Ph.D. (Biomedical Sciences)
Jill Moormeier, M.D. (Internal Medicine)
Mark Nichols, Ph.D. (Biomedical and Health Informatics)
Beth Rosemergey, M.D. (Community and Family Medicine)
Nelson Sabates, M.D. (Opthalmology)
Glenn Talboy, M.D. (Surgery)

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Contacts & Directories

Offices / Departments

Phone (816)
Admissions M1-103 235-1870
Advancement Office M1-100 235-5281
Biomedical & Health Informatics, Department of M5-101 235-1828
Biomedical Sciences, Department of M3-C03 235-5172
Business Operations (formerly Business Affairs) M1-103 235-1802
Central Support Lab M3-C04F 235-6247
Community & Family Medicine TMCL 404-7100
Curriculum Council MG-200  235-1850
Dean’s Office M1-100 235-1808
Diastole DIA 235-8857
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Office of M1-109 235-1780
Educational Resources, Office of M3-211 235-1896
Evaluation and Computer Resources M3-C06 235-1896
Experiential Learning Center M2-301 235-1864
Evaluation Council M1-214 235-5368
Faculty Affairs M1-304 235-1817
Graduate Medical Education M2-302 235-2755
Health Sciences Library M2-202 235-1880
Marketing & Communications, Office of M2-301A 235-1739
Medical Education & Research, Office of M1-214 235-5282
Medical Humanities & Bioethics, Department of M4-C03 D/E 235-5882
Research Administration, Office of M4-308 235-6453
Selection Council M1-103 235-1870
Student Affairs M4-205 235-1920
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Computer Testing Lab (Large)
Capacity: 37 workstations + Proctor/Teaching station
(Reservations: 235-1863)
M1-301 N/A
Computer Testing Lab (Small)
Capacity: 10 workstations + Proctor/Teaching station
(Reservations: 235-1863)
M3-109 N/A