Youngblood Society

Residency training is an experience like no other. The combination of a fast-paced, high-stress work environment and academic obligations make it an especially challenging, a time when you have to rely on your fellow residents and faculty to “survive”. During those 4 years, you probably spend more time with them than with your own family and many of them become very important parts of your life.  But, when was the last time you heard from the residents that trained with you? Where are they now? What type of practice do they have? As part of the UMKC OBGYN family it’s also important to ask, how are our residents doing now? Are they going through the same challenges as you were? What can be done to improve their residency experience?

The Youngblood Society was created back in 1997 to address precisely those issues. Named after Dr. James P. Youngblood who was our chairman for 22 years and former ACOG president, the society aims to promote and strengthen a life-long connection among fellow graduates and to improve the education and professional development of current residents through the following activities:

  • An alumni social event every summer in Kansas City.
  • Financial support for the OBGYN resident library.
  • Grants for resident research and presentation at national meetings.
  • Financial support for out of town elective rotations for residents applying for fellowship.
  • The annual Youngblood Society chief resident award.
  • Creation and distribution of the Youngblood Society Newsletter.

It is only with your support that we can achieve those goals. Active membership in the society requires an annual contribution of $100 but we ask you to consider contributing any additional amount you consider appropriate, all the contributions are tax deductible.

We are associated with the UMKC Foundation and School of Medicine Alumni Association.  For your convenience, you can make your contributions online, Click Give Now in the left column.


Thank you for supporting our society!

For more information, contact Kirk Baughan at (816) 235-6328

Giving to the School of Medicine


For almost 50 years we have fostered excellence, innovation and scholarship in education, research and patient care. It is a tall mission, but one made possible through the donations of many School of Medicine alumni, friends and partners.

Your generosity enables us to educate tomorrow’s medical professionals, conduct cutting-edge research and improve the health of our communities.

Make a difference through a gift to our remarkable School of Medicine. Many special giving opportunities are available, including:

The Alumni Mentoring Program

Connects alumni and friends with current medical students, while also providing funding for needed facility and program improvements. Each of these donors, who are recognized through a student office named in his or her honor, help the school improve its competitive edge in the medical education field, as well as guide the careers of future physicians.
Pledge Amount: $10,000.

Focus on Fifty

Designed for a donor who wishes to make a significant impact at the School of Medicine. A multi-year investment of $10,000 annually for five years will provide critical funding for key program needs. This commitment level includes room naming rights for highly visible locations at the School.
Pledge Amount: $50,000.

Estate Planning Gifts

Leave a lasting legacy while honoring the School of Medicine. There are many benefits to including a gift to the School in an estate plan, and a variety of giving options are available. Contact the Office of Development for more information.
Pledge Amount: Determined by donor.

To learn more or to inquire about the UMKC School of Medicine’s funding opportunities, contact Kirk Baughan, Interim Director of Development for Health Sciences, at UMKC Foundation: 816-235-6328 or