For more information about the UMKC School of Medicine’s LCME Accreditation process, contact:

Paul Cuddy, Pharm D
Senior Associate Dean Academic Affairs

Alison Troutwine
Executive Administrator



Executive Committee

Alice Arredondo, EdD
Sean Bananni, MS5
Denise Bratcher, DO
Danielle Cunningham, MS5
Mark Mikkelsen
Jill Moormeier, MD
Carlee Oakley, MS5
Christopher Papasian, PhD
Nurry Pirani, MD
Jennifer Quaintance, PhD
Brenda Rogers, MD
David Sanborn, MS5
Christine Sullivan, MD
Mark Steele, MD
Gary Sutkin, MD, MBA
Samuel Turner, JD

Independent Student Analysis Committee

David Sanborn, MS5 (Chair)
Nilbhi Patel, MS5 (Secretary)

Yembur Ahmad, MS5
Sean Bonanni, MS5
Morgan Gonder, MS5
Akash Jani, MS3
Brooks Kimmis, MS5
Laura Meidl, MS5
Imran Nizamuddin, MS4
Poonam Patel MS6
Steven Philips, MS5
Kale Turner, MS4
Nyaluma Wagala, MS5
Alex Willis, MS5

Subcommittee 1

Mission, Planning, Organization, and Integrity
Leadership and Administration
Faculty Preparation, Productivity, Participation and Policies

Paul Cuddy, PharmD (Chair) – Vice Dean
Phil Byrne, EdD
Diana Dark, MD
Timothy Dellenbaugh, MD
John Foxworth, PharmD
Mary Gerkovich, PhD
Brenda Kurtz, MS5
Christopher Papasian, PhD
Rebecca Pauly, MD
Ankhita Samuel, MS5
Jennifer Schurman, PhD
Mark Steele, MD
Alison Troutwine

Subcommittee 2

Academic and Learning Environments

Christine Sullivan, MD (Chair) – Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Cary Chelladurai, MS
Lawrence Dall, MD
Cynthia Ginn, MBA
Jeffrey Hackman, MD
Mark Hecker, PharmD, MBA
Charles Inboriboon, MD
Darius Jackson
Solomon Kim, MS6
Fariha Shafi, MD
Katherine Suman, MS5
Samuel Turner, JD
Michael Wacker, PhD
David Wooldridge, MD, FACP
Stan Viebrock, MPA

Subcommittee 3

Educational Resources and Infrastructure

Alice Arredondo, EdD (Chair) – Assistant Dean for Selection
Christopher Boyce
Petra Bricker, MA
Cary Chelladurai, MS
Christina Crumpecker, MD
Paul Ganss, MS, NREMT-P, NCEE
Deborah Green, MA, HRDV, BBA
Vijay Letchuman, MS2
Mark Mikkelsen
Luke Nayak, MS6
Peggy Mullayl-Quijas, PhD
Jennifer Quaintance, PhD
Amanda Worthington, MLS

Subcommittee 4

Competencies, Curricular Objectives, and Curricular Design
Curricular Content

Nurry Pirani, MD (Chair) – Associate Dean for Curriculum
Katharine Agnew
Eileen Amari-Vaught, PhD, RN, APN
David Bamberger, MD
Sydney Breakfield
Maria Cole, PhD
Theodore M. Cole, PhD
Caroline Dawson, LMSW
Stefanie Ellison, MD
Katherine Ervie, MPAS, PA-C
John Foxworth, PharmD
Miranda Huffman, MD
Harold Kremer, MD
Haley Mayenkar, MS4
Jennifer McBride, MD
Darla McCarthy, PhD
Stuart Munro, MD
Tom Sullivan, MD
Samuel Turner, JD
Chase Young, MS2

Subcommittee 5

Curriculum Management, Evaluation and Enhancement
Teaching, Supervision, Assessment, and Student and Patient Safety

Jennifer Quaintance, PhD (Co-Chair) – Assistant Dean for Assessment and Quality Improvement
Susan Hathaway, PhD (Co-Chair) – Director of Graduate Medical Education, CMH
Peter Almenoff, MD, FCCP
Kent Burk, MD
Theodore Cole, PhD
Maria Dycoco, MD
Stefanie Ellison, MD
Sara Gardner, MD, FAAP
Susan Hathaway, PhD
Emily Haury, MD
Emily Hillman, MD
Anusha Kodidhi, MS3
Angellar Manguvo, PhD
Ajay Patel, MS5
Nurry Pirani, MD
Cassie Shaffer Johnson
Kara Shaw, MSW
Christine Sullivan, MD
James Wooten, PharmD

Subcommittee 6

Medical Student Selection, Assignment, and Progress
Medical Student Academic Support, Career Advising, and Educational Records
Medical Student Health Services, Personal Counselling, and Financial Aid Services

Brenda Rogers, MD (Chair) – Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Adam Algren, MD
Alice Arredondo, EdD
Connie Beachler, MA
Raymond Cattaneo, MD, MPH
Cary Chelladurai, MS
Fedra Fallahian, MS5
Connor Fender
Kimberly Kalaiwaa
Kristen Kleffner, MA
Ashwath Kumar, MS3
Felix Okah, MD, MS
Robin Patterson, BA
Brenda Rodgers, MD
Niloofar Shahmohammadi, MS
Brian Steele
Lauren Vestal, MD
James Wooten, PharmD
Scott Young


LCME Timeline (scroll)

Appoint FAL & SVC

Dec 15, 2015

LCME DC Workshop

Apr 13, 2016

Kickoff Session

See the Video here
July 12, 2016

Distribute DCI

Aug 1, 2016

ISA Survey Designed

Nov 1, 2016

ISA Distributed to Students

Nov 15, 2016

Analyze, Write & Submit ISA

Dec 31, 2016

Complete DCI

Apr 1, 2017 – Sept 1, 2017

Provide ISA to subcommittee

Apr 3, 2017 – June 10, 2017

EC Reviews Subcommittee Reports

June 1, 2017 – Aug 24, 2017

Implement Change & Policies

Sept 1, 2017 – Dec 1, 2017

EC writes executive self-study

Oct 15, 2017 – Dec 15, 2017

Present findings to students and faculty

Jan 2018

Update DCI

Jan 15, 2018

Mock Site Visit

Feb 11-13, 2018

Present findings to school

Mar 23, 2018

Site Visit

Apr 15, 2018 – Apr 18, 2018

Draft LCME Report Arrives

June 1, 2018

LCME Decision

Aug 1, 2018

LCME Accreditation

C_DSC_1513UMKC School of Medicine is preparing for its 2018 re-accreditation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) – the agency officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to accredit medical schools in the United States and Canada. Many faculty, staff and students are part of this extensive process, which is designed to attest to the educational quality of new and established medical educational programs.

These web pages contain more Information on UMKC’s LCME accreditation process.

UMKC School of Medicine’s accreditation review addresses three key questions:

  • Has the program clearly established its mission and institutional learning objectives?
  • Are the program’s curriculum and resources organized to meet its mission and objectives?
  • What is the evidence that the program is currently achieving its mission and objectives and is likely to continue to meet them in the future?