Radiology PGY5: Class of 2023

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Dr. Julia Asmar
Julia Asmar, MD

Hometown: Jefferson City, MO
Undergraduate: 6 year BA/MD program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City
Medical School: 6 year BA/MD program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Cooking, lap swimming, running, and reading.
Clinical and Research Interests: Cardiothoracic radiology, particularly vascular pathology and interstitial lung disease.
Future Plans: Complete a fellowship in cardiothoracic radiology and join a practice where I can continue learning and sharing the joy of radiology with others.
Favorite Radiology Sign: Oreo cookie sign
Follow me on #MedTwitter: Julia_asmar

Dr. Andrew Erikson
Andrew Erickson, DO

Medical School: Arizona College

Dr. Jacob Fleecs
Jacob Fleecs, MD

Medical School: University of Nebraska

Dr. Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar, MD

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergraduate: University of Missouri- Kansas City (BA/MD)
Medical School: UMKC
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Soccer (big Liverpool FC fan), running, cooking
Clinical and Research Interests: Abdominal imaging and Neuroradiology
Future Plans Abdominal Imaging fellowship at University of Pennsylvania Hospital System
Favorite Radiology Sign: Doge Cap sign
Follow me on #MedTwitter: @kkrish14

Dr. Oliver Letham
Oliver Letham, MD

Undergraduate: Arizona State University
Medical School: The Ohio State University College of Medicine
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Spend time with my wife and kids, Wing Chung Martial Arts, play on violin, hiking, camping, reading, playing board games with family.
Future Plans: Neuroradiology fellowship at the University of Kansas

Dr. Hannah Singhal
Hannah Singhal, MD

Medical School: University of Kansas

Dr. Benjamin Yunk
Benjamin Yunk, MD

Hometown: Manhattan, KS
Undergraduate: Kansas State University
Medical School: University of Kansas
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Sports in general, playing golf and ultimate frisbee. Music. Video games. Finding excuses to get outside when not in the reading room.
Future Plans: MSK fellowship at University of Florida
Favorite Radiology Sign: Yo-yo on a string sign – Stener lesion


Radiology PGY4: Class of 2024

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Dr. Ben Aziz
Ben Aziz, MD

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergraduate: Saint Louis University
Medical School: Texas Tech University
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Soccer, baseball, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, aviation
Clinical and Research Interests: Interventional Radiology
Link to Publications: Currently working on: Review of surgical outcomes for MALS patients to evaluate possible combined surgical/endovascular management. Upcoming research projects: Evaluating outcomes of selective vs non selective embolization of retroperitoneal hematomas. Periprocedural pain management in patients undergoing uterine artery/fibroid embolization.
Favorite Radiology Sign: Molar tooth sign (bladder)

Dr. Alex Cook
Alex Cook, DO

Hometown: Ballwin, MO
Undergraduate: University of Missouri – Columbia
Medical School: Kansas City University
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Skiing/Snowboarding, Lacrosse, Coffee, My dog
Clinical and Research Interests: MSK and MSK Intervention
Favorite Radiology Sign: Double PCL sign
Follow me on #MedTwitter: @AlexCookDO

Dr. Derik Kenworthy
Derik Kenworthy, DO

Hometown: Clearfield, Utah
Undergraduate: Weber State University
Medical School: AT Still University – Mesa, AZ Campus
Personal Interests / Hobbies: eating, fantasy football, dribbling basketballs, sitting on boats, daydreaming about traveling someday, thinking about golden retrievers, pretending to know things, medieval larping, making up hobbies making up lists
Favorite Radiology Sign: Pooping duck sign

Dr. Hannah Olson
Hannah Olson, MD

Medical School: University of Kansas

Dr.Aman Saini
Aman Saini, DO

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Undergraduate: University of San Diego
Medical School: Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Travel, Golf, Arizona Cardinals, Enjoying new restaurants and bars, spending time with friends/family.
Clinical and Research Interests: Neuroradiology
Link to Publications:
Follow me on #MedTwitter: @AmanSainiDO

Dr. Dustin Sattler
Dustin Sattler, MD

Medical School: University of Tennessee


Radiology PGY3: Class of 2025

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Dr. Zachary Gaughan
Zach Gaughan, MD

Hometown: Hays, KS
Undergraduate: Fort Hays State University
Medical School: University of Kansas School of Medicine
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Traveling and spending time with friends and family. I have two nephews, a niece, and two cats that test my patience every day. I like to get outdoors and stay active by playing tennis, basketball, and roller-blading.
Clinical and Research Interests: Interventional Radiology. Research interests are broad including both interventional and diagnostic topics.
Favorite Radiology Sign: Yin-Yang sign

Dr. Alan Godfrey
Alan Godfrey, DO

Hometown: Clarkson, UT
Undergraduate: Utah State University
Medical School: Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Spending time with my wife and children, fly fishing, hiking
Clinical Interests: Cardiothoracic radiology. Research interests include chronic pulmonary hypertension and interstitial lung disease.
Favorite Radiology Sign: Chinese ring sword sign, crazy paving pattern

Dr. Sheila Maillard
Sheila Maillard, DO

Hometown: Novi, MI
Undergraduate: Duke University
Medical School: Kansas City University
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Spending time with my family, traveling, soccer
Clinical and Research Interests: Breast health, Breastfeeding medicine
Favorite Radiology Sign: Chinese Ring Sword Sign
Follow me on #MedTwitter: @Sheila_Maillard

Dr. Jonathan
Jonathan Sorkin, MD

Hometown: Littleton, CO
Undergraduate: Colorado State University
Medical School: New York Program at Tel Aviv University
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Gardening, hiking, home improvement
Clinical and Research Interests: Medical device development, interventional radiology
Favorite Radiology Sign: oreo cookie sign
Follow me on #MedTwitter: @SorkinJonathan

Dr. Madison Turner
Madison Turner, MD

Hometown: Saint Joseph, MO
Undergraduate: UMKC 6 yr BA/MD program
Medical School: UMKC 6 yr BA/MD program
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Tennis, hiking, art/pottery, history, and spending time with family
Clinical and Research Interests: Nutrition, preventative medicine, Biochem
Favorite Radiology Sign: The Medusa head sign, seen in DVAs
Follow me on #MedTwitter: @MadisonLooney4


Radiology PGY1: Class of 2027

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Dr. Joseph Ayoub
Joseph Ayoub, MD

Medical School: Creighton

Dr. Coleman Dennis
Coleman Dennis, MD

Medical School: University of Arkansas

Dr. Jeremy Hale
Jeremy Hale, DO

Medical School: Kansas City University

Dr. Eric Pham
Eric Pham, MD

Medical School: University of Oklahoma

Dr. Morgan Shil
Morgan Schill, MD

Medical School: University of Iowa

Dr. Alireza Zandifer
Alireza Zandifar, MD

Medical School: Isfahan University


Radiology PGY2: Class of 2026

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Dr.Daniel Aul
Daniel Aul, DO

Hometown: Lawrence, KS
Undergraduate: Kansas University
Medical School: Kansas City University
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Fitness, Basketball, Chiefs, hanging out with my dogs, traveling
Clinical and Research Interests: Undecided.
Favorite Radiology Sign: “Layer-Cake Skull”

Dr. Ashiya Hamirani
Ashiya Hamirani, MD

Undergraduate: University of Southern California
Medical School: Penn State College of Medicine

Dr. Eddie Husarcik
Eddie Husarcik, MD

Medical School: University of Colorado

Dr. Madeline Johnson
Madeline Johnson, MD

Undergraduate: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Medical School: University of Missouri – Kansas City

Dr. Mitchell Lynn
Mitchell Lynn, MD

Hometown: Ringgold, Georgia
Undergraduate: University of Georgia
Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis
Personal Interests / Hobbies: Goofing around with my daughter
Clinical and Research Interests: TBD
Favorite Radiology Sign: Luftsichel sign

Dr. Nicole Tamer
Nicole Tamer, MD

Hometown: Lenexa, Kansas
Undergraduate: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Medical School: University of Missouri – Kansas City
Personal Interests / Hobbies: I am a loving dog mom to Mac, a German Shepherd, and Moose, a Miniature Bernedoodle. I enjoy keeping up with the fashion and beauty industries in my leisure time.
Favorite Radiology Sign: Spine sign
Follow me on #MedTwitter: @nicoleftamerMD



Get to know about our radiology residency program more by hearing our chiefs answer FAQs!

Dr. Krishna Kumar

Krishna Kumar, M.D.
Senior Chief

Dr. Ben Aziz

Ben Aziz, MD
Junior Chief

Dr. Alex Cook

Alex Cook, DO
Junior Chief

Which areas do the residents live in?
Housing is very affordable throughout KC. Residents who are younger and/or single tend to live near the center while residents who are older or have families live more on the outskirts. Here are a couple of specific locations:

  • The Plaza (shopping district and location of Saint Luke’s Hospital)
  • Midtown (equidistant to Saint Luke’s Hospital and Truman Medical Center)
  • Crossroads (Art district with restaurants/bars)
  • Waldo/Brookside (Homes with walkable restaurants)
  • Prairie Village/Overland Park/Shawnee, KS
  • North Kansas City
What is the culture of the program? How is resident wellness?

Team-oriented. The residents all work together and lean on each other. The faculty/staff are all very approachable and eager to teach. We have a dedicated resident-led wellness committee which organizes faculty and resident events multiple times per year. At the end of every rotation, most residents get together for happy hour or lunch.

What does call look like?

No call for the first 3 months of R1 year. After that we have buddy call approximately every 5-6th weekend. As with other programs, most of your call will come during your R2 year where you will do a mixture of independent and dependent call. You will do approximately 4-6 weeks of night float per year from R2-R4.

Are there moonlighting opportunities?

Yes, we have internal moonlighting where the resident will read ER studies after their normal workday with attending back-up (Thursday and Fridays from 5-8pm at St. Luke’s Hospital), until the night resident’s shift begins. External moonlighting is also available which consists of contrast reaction coverage at outlying facilities.

What is the mentorship structure in the program?

Every resident is encouraged to choose a faculty mentor during their R1 year who is the point of contact for residency development, career advice, and networking opportunities. Other mentoring opportunities between residents of different classes occurs organically, with older residents very naturally taking those younger residents under their wings.

Is there time to participate in research?

Scholarly and quality improvement activities are a required part of residency. Nearly every resident is or has been involved in some form of research. There is ample time during early residency (before board studying) to participate in research projects. Many of our staff are actively involved in research, educational exhibits, and/or case reports. They are looking for eager volunteers to take on projects. If there is extreme interest in pursuing an academic/research career, dedicated research rotations are available.

What do you love about Kansas City?

It has everything about a big city, but with a small-town feel. Traffic is minimal even though the city is growing and expanding every day. Everyone is extremely friendly (Midwest hospitality is a real thing). The excitement and love for the city is infectious (you should see it on a Chief’s game day) and the KC BBQ speaks for itself!

Patel lands speaking spot, promotes social media mentoring at radiology convention

Amy Patel, M.D. ’11, addressed the radiologists’ convention in Chicago.

Social media can play a crucial role in mentoring and sponsoring young radiologists, Amy Patel, M.D. ’11, recently told the 2018 convention of  the Radiological Society of North America.

Patel was one of only five radiologists worldwide chosen to make a 5-minute “Fast 5 Session” presentation at the radiologists’ Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting in Chicago. The convention, billed as the largest meeting of radiologists in the world, this year drew 60,000 people.

Patel is medical director of women’s imaging at Liberty Hospital and a clinical assistant professor at the UMKC School of Medicine. She told the gathering that Twitter and other social media made it possible to connect medical students, residents and fellows to practicing physicians. The hashtags #RADxx (for female radiologists) and #RADxy (for male radiologists) make it easier to connect on Twitter, she said, and as a result she is now mentoring or sponsoring many radiology trainees across the country who have sought her out.

“Social media has the opportunity to become the great equalizer,” Patel said.

The Fast 5 Session presented five radiologists each addressing a non-clinical topic. Competition for the speaking spots was heavy, and Patel said it was an honor to be chosen.

The full 2018 Fast 5 Session can be viewed here. Patel is the last of the five speakers and is introduced at the 22:50 mark. Her presentation begins at 23:45.