Library & Conference Room

The Sirridge Office of Medical Humanities took on a greater presence on Dec. 11, 1998, when a new conference and library room was opened and dedicated on the fourth floor of the School of Medicine.

The area houses numerous books and magazines that can be read in the room or checked out. Tables and chairs are available that can be arranged into a small classroom or lecture setting. There is also a vast array of audio-visual equipment for meetings and presentations including a video/data projector, a computer, a monitor and a podium with a public address system.

The room can be reserved for classes, lectures or other meetings by contacting emailing It can also be used as a quiet area for students to study or simply to browse through the available books and magazines.

Students, faculty and staff can visit the room from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the week.

Student Organizations

Medical Humanities Interest Group (MHIG)

The Medical Humanities Interest Group brings a fresh and relaxing atmosphere to the students of The School of Medicine. The group stresses the importance of integrating the arts and the practice of medicine. A few of the activities include volunteer opportunities, First Fridays, participating in the Healing Arts Contest, musicals, plays, and crafts.. We hope to continue Drs. William and Marjorie Sirridge’s efforts in perpetuating the message of the integration of the healing arts and medicine. Any questions regarding the group can be emailed to Sarah McKee.


The Osler Society of Greater Kansas City

The Osler Society of Greater Kansas City was founded in 2010. It is a student organization supported by KUMC, UMKC and the John Locke Society of Greater Kansas City. Its purpose it to provide a forum where students and physicians can meet for fellowship to discuss topics of mutual interest. The Osler Society also encourages a mentoring environment between students and physicians, and honors and advances the ideals exemplified by the life of Sir William Osler. For more information, you can Click here to visit the website or contact the UMKC Representative, Sarah McKee.


The Sirridge Office of Medical Humanities & Bioethics


Our Program

This unique program offers medical students an opportunity to take classes that tie together the medical arts, bioethics and the humanities. It is truly a one-of-a-kind program that has no equal.

The Sirridge Office of Medical Humanities was established at the School of Medicine in 1992 with the goal of expanding opportunities to provide humanities courses for both premedical students and students in UMKC’s six-year BA/MD program.

It was initially funded and coordinated by Doctors Marjorie and William Sirridge, who were founding physician-docents when the School of Medicine opened in 1971. The school received a grant in 1995 from the Culpeper Foundation to plan and develop an undergraduate medical humanities curriculum for students in both the medical school program and in undergraduate programs at UMKC. The UMKC School of Medicine is a member of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation whose mission advances humanism in medicine.

In 2008, the office was renamed The Sirridge Office of Medical Humanities and Bioethics to reflect its mission of infusing medical humanities and bioethics throughout the six-year curriculum. The first Sirridge Missouri Endowed Professor in Medical Humanities and Bioethics was also appointed.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also
a love of humanity.”

Physician & Philosopher


The mission of the Sirridge Office of Medical Humanities and Bioethics is to integrate arts, humanities and bioethics into THE STUDY AND PRACTICE OF medicine.