Chelladurai begins new role as manager of Student Affairs

Cary Chelladurai

The School of Medicine has selected Cary Chelladurai, a member of the Office of Student Affairs for the past two years as a Senior Education Team Coordinator, to oversee the office as manager of Student Affairs. The appointment took effect on May 29.

Chelladurai has worked at UMKC since January of 2007 and spent her first 3 1/2 years at the University at the College of Arts and Sciences as director of the Pre-Health Sciences Program. Since then, she has been with the School of Medicine as an advisor for Year 1 and 2 students on the Volker Campus, where she also served as supervisor for the Year 1 and 2 Office.

In her new role, Chelladurai will oversee the daily operation of the School’s Office of Student Affairs.

Prior to joining UMKC, Chelladurai served one year as a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Affairs at the University of Central Missouri where she worked with the suspension/waiver program to counsel students in academic jeopardy.

As director of Pre-Health Sciences programs at UMKC, she directed the advising and support services for pre-health students, guiding them through the application process for health professional schools, led information sessions for orientations and recruitment events, and contributed to the overall duties of the College’s academic advising office.

A graduate of Central Missouri State University with a bachelor’s degree in education, Chelladurai also completed a master’s in student personnel administration at the University of Central Missouri and is currently working to complete her doctorate in higher education administration at UMKC.

She is a member of the National and the Missouri Academic Advisors associations and has served on many University staff and event planning committees at UMKC.

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