Clinical Training Facility

Policies, Services & Reservations


Audiovisual programs are circulated to students, faculty, Hospital Hill staff, affiliates, and other area healthcare professionals for a period of one week; longer lengths of time may be arranged depending upon the reservation schedule. All anatomical models and some AV or software programs are not circulated; these items are on reserve for specific courses and student use or other restrictions. An exception is faculty use for classroom presentations.

Faculty Reserve

Programs may be placed on a Faculty Reserve List. This means that the material selected by faculty are taken out of general circulation and held for the specific use of required class assignments. To insure that all students have a chance to utilize the program(s), the circulation policy generally voids check out; student must view the program(s) in the Experiential Learning Center. Faculty must give us the list of reserved items as soon as possible so that any checked-out items may be retrieved and available when the student requires it. Please call Garren Frasher at 235-1864 for information.

Reservation for Classroom Support

Booking programs for classroom presentation is strongly encouraged.  Contact Garren Frasher at 235-1864 or

Collection Development

Faculty interested in the availability of new media for classroom support are encouraged to submit search requests. We have a selection of publisher catalogs and have access to a variety of internet databases for such inquiries, or, if you have a specific title in mind, please feel free to submit it to the Media Center for possible acquisition.  Please call Garren Frasher at 235-1864 or just send your request to: