Clinical Training Facility


Classroom Facility (105A & 105F)

We have two classrooms that can be expanded into one large lecture room. Both classrooms seat 24. Each classroom is equipped with a computer and projector, and is capable of streaming live audio and video from the skills area to the classroom screen. The rooms can be configured to project separate presentations in each room, or combine to project the main presentation in both areas.

Clinical Skills Area (Youngblood Medical Skills Laboratory – 105K)

The large skills area consists of three patient care bays, each with video and audio recording. Each bay can be closed off with a glass partition that greatly reduced sound transfer, or opened into one large room. There are two sinks and counters in this area. The work areas within this area are flexible, but each area is normally set up as an ED/ICU bay. A hospital bed is available to be moved into this area when needed.

Exam Room Suite (105H)

The exam room suite consists of four examination rooms with exam tables and diagnostic tools. The exam rooms open into a common space with a large screen monitor and table for local debriefing. Each exam room has a sink, and can be used for small group skills training as well.

Operating Room (105M)

This is room is configured as an operating suite for the Anesthesia Assistant program, but is available for other users. This room has an anesthesia machine, operating table, and houses the difficult airway equipment. There is a wall-mounted dry-erase board in this room.