Council on Curriculum

The goal of the Council on Curriculum is to provide centralized oversight of a coordinated curriculum that supports the educational objectives of the School of Medicine, including the competencies stated in the Competency-Based Curriculum Guide. The Council is responsible for the design and management of the core curriculum leading to the M.D. degree, as well as for the review and approval of elective courses. The Council is also responsible for the regular review of the entire curriculum and components therein, evaluating learning outcomes, examining pedagogy, and attending to vertical and horizontal integration of content. The Council approves student petitions for changes in curricular plans as necessary.

Members of this council include basic and clinical scientist faculty, docents, social science and humanities faculty, clinical performance assessment and remediation representatives, and students. The bylaws ensure wide representation of medical fields and disciplines relevant to the practice of medicine. The chair of the Council on Curriculum is Sara Gardner, M.D.

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