Council on Curriculum

Course Director’s Subcommittee – Members

Darla McCarthy, PhD Chair, Course Director Subcommittee
Vice Chairperson Basic Scientist
Sandra Smith Course Coordinator, Curriculum
Nick Norgard, PharmD Medical Terminology
Vacant Fundamentals of Medical Practice I & II
Amy Patel, MD Fundamentals of Medical Practice III & IV
Leslie McNolty, PhD History of Medicine
Geetha Kamath, MD CPM I
Jennifer McBride, MD CPM II
Amgad Masoud, MD CPM II, Co-Course Director
Theodore Cole, PhD Human Structure Function I
Michael Wacker, PhD Human Structure Function II
Willard Morrow, PhD Human Structure Function III
Maria Cole, PhD Human Structure Function IV
Prameela Banoth, MD  Clinical Correlations
Wail Hassan, PhD Medical Microbiology
Tyler Allison, MD Medical Neuroscience
Soheila Hamidpour, MD Pathology I & II
Paul Cuddy, PharmD Pharmacology
David John, MD Ambulatory Care Pharmacology
Trent Myers, MD Behavioral Science
John Foxworth, PharmD Patient, Physician, Society I
Eileen Amari-Vaught, PhD Patient, Physician, Society II
William Jennings, MD Patient, Physician, Society II, Co-Course Director
Brian Carter, MD Chair of Humanities
Nick Norgard, PharmD Self-Paced Pharmacology Series
Vacant Hospital Team