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ACGME/UMKC Competencies

In May 2010 the Council on Curriculum undertook the task of merging the original nine UMKC competencies to be in line with the ACGME competencies. In May 2011, the Council completed a comprehensive review of the entire curriculum to map the newly adopted six UMKC competencies and learning objectives across all required courses and clerkship.

ACGME Competency Domain Revised UMKC Competency Domain
I. Interpersonal & Communication Skills I. Interpersonal & Communication Skills
II. Medical Knowledge II. Medical Knowledge Including Applications of Basic Science & Problem-Solving
III. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement III. Practice-based Learning Including Lifelong Learning & Self-Appraisal
IV. Systems-Based Practice IV. Systems-Based Practice
V. Patient Care V. Patient Care Including History & Physical, Procedures, Diagnosis, Management & Prevention
VI. Professionalism VI. Professionalism Including Cultural Competence & Ethical Decision-Making