Council on Curriculum

Curriculum Steering Subcommittee

The Curriculum Steering Subcommittee is chaired by the Associate Dean for curriculum and members include the Vice Chair-Clinician and Vice Chair-Basic Scientist for curriculum, the Senior Associate Dean, and the Department of Medical Education Support Services. This subcommittee schedules reviews of the curriculum, evaluates outcomes, prepares reports for the Council, and reviews and responds to evaluations of courses and clerkships.  This subcommittee determines the resources to carry out recommendations by the Council on Curriculum that result from the regulary scheduled reviews of the curriculum.

Nurry Pirani, MD – Chair Associate Dean, Council on Curriculum
Jacqueline Walker, MD Vice Chair-Clinician and Chair, Clerkship Directors’ Subcommittee of CoC
Vacant Vice Chair-Basic Scientist and Chair Course Directors’ Subcommittee of CoC
Darla McCarthy, PhD Assistant Dean, Council on Curriculum
Angellar Manguvo, PhD Department of Medical Education Support Services
Jennifer Quaintence, PhD Department of Medical Education Support Services, Director
Vacant Council on Curriculum Representative